Random question...I always thought Balenciaga was French as the repairs from the ro

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  1. states always get sent to be fixed and made in paris but on their website it says their bags are made in italy...Can someone please clarify this for me and sorry for my lack of Balenciaga knowledge...
  2. From what I understand the Balenciaga boutiques, like the one in Paris, orchestrate repairs but the bags are initially produced in factories located in Italy.

    I once had a bag repaired by Balenciaga. I called my SA from the boutique in New York and they had me send it to them with a note about what's wrong. One of the repairs was just stitching, a couple loops popped out and that was repaired in New York. The other thing was an opening in one of the strap connector o-rings and that had to be sent to the Balenciaga Paris boutique where their repair dept re-soldiered the metal o-ring shut. It took a few months, but came back repaired nicely.
  3. Hmmm....wasn´t Cristobal Balenciaga originally from Spain or have I totally lost it?
  4. ok all making sense now...So balenciaga was infact spanish but moved to paris bc of the spanish civil war and now is under Nicolas who of course is france....So they just make the bags in Italy but it is not actually an intalian company?
  5. I was just reading about Cristobal Balenciaga and yes, he was Spanish and opened a couture boutique in Paris, located at 10 Avenue George V, where they are still located today.

    Turns out that address is why their first perfume was called "Le Dix" and some of their branding tags indicated their location and this was based off that. I always wondered what the "le dix" meant and now I know ;o)

    Now Nicolas Ghesquière is in charge of the design house which is owned by The Gucci Group which is an Italian company.
  6. Thanks Corey, I now remember that too...the address and Le Dix

  7. Thanks for the B-lesson!

  8. Yes,very accurate!:tup:
    The Gucci Group announced on July 6th 2001 it had acquired Balenciaga S.A. owner of the Balenciaga luxury brand.That group has everything:s,it seems all that houses together haven't conflicts.:thinking:I think it decided to acquire Balenciaga cos knew with Nicolas the ascent would be certain!

    yes,they produce in Italy,and I'm asking myself where everyday...maybe near Florence I guess!:faint:I would love to be a ghost to visit the craftsmen when they work on the Bbags..I could die...:faint:
  9. Yup! Bal has a really interesting history.