random question, but do Helmuts come in nude patent?

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  1. just wondering. and if they do are they HTF?
  2. Don't know the answer here... but, that would be heavenly! :love:
  3. The only colors I have seen them in are black kid, black patent, green, leopard pony. As much of a nude fan I am, I like the cut of this shoe in a bold color. Because of the cut of the shoe on the inside of the foot, I think the foot would look too bare in nude patent. I could be completely change my mind once I see it though.

    In general the helmuts are pretty HTF, I imagine a nude even more so.
  4. Seen them in Paillette as well but never in nude colour in any finish :nogood:
  5. Over the years I've never come across the Helmut in nude....but I guess stores can still order that color/material combo if they choose to (so long as Paris HQ accepts the order).
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