Random Question: About Digital Camera and homemade gift for boyfriend??

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  1. Is it possible to put the photos from my digital camera that have been uploaded onto my computer back unto the camera? I accidently ok'd the message on the computer which deleted the photos on my memory card from my camara.:sweatdrop:

    Reason, I have some photos of my SO and I wanted to print some out (at like Walmart or CVS) so that I can have it framed and give it to him for his birthday [which by the way is this thursday]. I dont have a picture printer and I know that by the time I get around to one and learning to use it, it will be late. I want to present that one half of his gift on his actual birthday.

    I was also wondering if you guys have any ideas for me to use in getting a gift for my SO? I have so far is the photo of him and myself framed, maybe a gift card to his favorite store....anyother ideas?

    I want his gift to have more meaning then anything else. thanks

    this is probably really random but doesnt this smiley look rude?-->:confused1:
  2. Nope!
    I've tried and it didnt work. They will go onto the card but you cant view them on your cam.
  3. yep it's possible but for me sometimes some pictures will not show up but thats just my camera.
  4. I am not experienced with digital printing but have a few ideas...

    Can you upload them from your computer to a digital photo site, like snapfish or Kodak, and order prints from there?

    Or could you transfer your photos from your computer to a USB memory stick and use that to print at a local store?

    Good luck!
  5. Do you use a cord to connect your camera to your computer?

    I know I can do it, I stick my memory card into a slot on my laptop. They also have a cord you can buy, you stick your memory card into it, and the cord connects to the USB.

    I just drag my photos into the memory drive and it works. If neither works, you can always upload on their website, it's like 17 cents at walmart, for one hour processing!

    As for gift ideas, what is your BF into? Gadgets? Sports? Maybe take him out for the whole day doing things he loves!
  6. must depend on the camera, My old canon used a compact flash member card and it wouldnt work, It connected to the pc with a cord but I also had a card reader.

    Havent tried with the new canon, it uses a secure digital card.
  7. Do you have an SD Card reader on your computer? If so, you can transfer the pictures onto your SD card in the appropriate folder and they will be viewable by camera.
  8. You could just send them to the place online, they all do that now. They will print them out and you can go pick them up. Just make sure you send them full size.

    No ideas for the gift, Im horrible at gift giving! My SO always gets shoes, gift card, or wallet lmao!
  9. omg! you guys are amazing!! I'll upload at one of the websites (walmart maybe)
  10. Walmart is very cheap and fast! They will even send it to your house if you need. Good luck! My BF's birthday is coming up too, I should start brainstorming.
  11. If you want to do more of the picture things... My sister gave her bf a series of pictures she took of random things that were shaped like letters. Hers spelled "LOVE" but you could do any message you want... she took a pic of a tree branch for the V... a playground ladder for the E... and printed them all out in black and white. It was really cute.
  12. I love doing stuff like that.

    Walgreens.com has an awesome program for their upload (Mac or PC). You can also get it put on a whole bunch of stuff (mugs, shirts, photo frames, calendars, etc.) & they'll mail it to you. Print outs you can pick up at the store usually in an hr.