Random poll time! - Would you quit your job to become a Balenciaga SA?


Would you give up your current job to become a Balenciaga SA?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Some comments on another thread got me thinking... (plus I love random polls) :p

    Say that you were offered a job as an SA at Balenciaga NY, would you quit the job that you have now to take it? Why?

    (p.s. Assume the store is located in the city where you now live, so that relocation is not a problem.)
  2. I work for a luxury company as well much like Balenciaga. If I got offered a job at Bal I would totally take it. I would love to talk about products that I'm passionate about all day long. And it's fun to meet people who share the same love for the bags as myself.
  3. I'm full-time at school right now, but if I were working, we could be coworkers Incoral because I would probably do the same! :smile: That way I'd have a legit outlet for my B-bag chatter
  4. Can you imagine having all the inside scoop about current and upcoming collections? Plus the free clothes? I'd die!...

    then come back to life to work for them!
  5. Hmm....i guess i won't as i don't think as a SA in balenciaga store in singapore can pay as much as i am now....also, i'm not sure if being a SA there, do they have staff discounts (usually i guess they may have but depends how much staff discount are given or wat kinda of staff privileges).....well, i don't mind knowing the SA as it may make things easier for me esp for stock enquiry or probably take advantage of their staff discounts if necessary....Besides, with my current job, i can still buy my balenciaga bags and keep adding new items to my current bbag collection.....hahahahahaha:dothewave:
  6. No I wouldn't because I'd have to deal with...well........us! :sweatdrop: And we're a little nuts!!! :nuts:

    So 'No thank you' on the job offer that will drive me insane!!! :p
  7. ^ lol Jewelqueen!

    I thought about the same thing. I was wondering if one of their SA's is reading this thread and asking herself, "What is wrong with these people????"

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. No way, I would spend all of my salary on new bags and accessories! :shame:
  9. Why don't you befriend a Balenciag SA instead of becoming one yourself. Being a SA, I don't think pays a lot even if they put you on commission.

    If you want discounts working in retail, it's much wiser to work for a big chain (NM or Saks), this way you can save on a ton on other brands as well.
  10. I say no... because perhaps working with them day in day out may put me off...

    BUT... if it was my own Boutique I would totally say yes!
  11. Ya, we are! :roflmfao:
  12. No thanks! Not that I wouldn't mind hanging out with a plethora of gorgeous B-bags day in and day out, but it's the sales aspect that freaks me out. I don't want to have the pressure of making sales numbers rule all of my days.

    And I'm sure that most customers would be perfectly pleasant, but the prospect of dealing with a handful of imperious, snooty women with a sense of entitlement (and every luxury brand has them!).....weeeell, {{shivers}}. It would just depress me!
  13. There's customers like that? :sad: That does sound pretty awful. I've never worked in retail, so I wasn't aware. I thought all customers are pretty much like tPF members...:rolleyes:
  14. NO. I prefer to keep my handbag/fashion addiction as a hobby only, not a fulltime job.
  15. Oh hellsss no! There are crazy people out there...not one, not two, not three....they are out there, they walk amongst us...and they get you when you least expect it!

    Sounds creepy...and it is!

    I had a customer come in to our store who bought her bag 15 years ago and came back to our store demanding that we replace it because the handles are starting to wear off. I can go on and on about this.