random paddington observations....


Jul 30, 2006
I hadn't gotten a new leather paddington in ages.... I got a new patent paddy this year, and a new "Or" metallic paddy, but I only recently bought my first brand new '07 leather paddy (in muscade.) Holy cow, this bag is so lightweight! I had heard that the new paddies were lighter, but it's noticeably lighter.... yet the leather seems just as nice. Way to go, Chloe!

It's so weird... about a year ago, I got tired of my paddingtons and sold all of them. I missed a few, but for the most part I was just over them after having worn them for years. Then recently, some of the new styles (like the patent paddies) really caught my eye and now I am paddy obsessed again. :love:And, there are so many good deals to be found on eBay these days! I paid full price for my muscade from NAP, but in the past few months I have snagged a tan loaf and a blanc pocket paddy on ebay for insanely low prices.

Once again, I am of the mindset that the paddington is the most perfect bag ever. And now that they actually don't weigh a ton...:yahoo:

Any other paddington deserters finding their way back like I did?


Nov 22, 2006
Chesterfield Missouri
You know - this really warms my Chloe girl heart! Yes there are "other" bags but to me the style of a Paddy is incomparable - even if you throw in the biggies like "H" bags and Bals. Maybe on day I'll desert too but it will be a long way off!


"H" is for horses?
Oct 10, 2006
This is too funny! I sold all of my paddies (four) on ebay about 1 year ago and now guess what I went and bought............a Brun original Paddy. I paid full price at NM but I just love her to pieces! She has gotten more compliments than all of my bags I have ever owned :love:


MAC Madness!
Sep 19, 2006
I am all about Chloe right now. I have a few things I am looking at and I am just deciding which one I really want. Stay tuned for a purchase!