Random news: Miroir Lockit, MC Pegase, etc.

  1. So I got a call from my SA in Hawaii who told me that my amarante cles was in (which I have to pass on for the time being :sad:), and that they were releasing Amarante and the Love2 totes tomorrow. I also got some news about some other stuff I've been thinking about:

    Miroir Lockits- they're coming to Lahaina (which is probably the smallest store with the least selection of all of the 6 boutiques in Hawaii) so they're definitely not limited to flagship locations.

    MC Pegase- their launch this fall is tentative. They have not gotten a final confimation so they or my not be coming out.

    And I know no one else cares but me but the Oxford Stole coming out on July 1st will be $320 (in Hawaii at least) and come in a grey w/ green combo in addition to brown/red shown on Vuitton.com :wlae:

    Some Hawaiian prices:


    T&B Pochette: $240

    GM (only comes in white and a color described to me as orangy): $800
  2. Thanks for this update!!!! :tup:
  3. Looks like the Miroir Lockits aren't that super-limited since smaller stores are getting a few, too. Thanks so much for the information!!
  4. hawaii prices for neverfull are cheaper than mainland US??? I thought the prices were suppose to be the same. I know the MM here is 620..and the GM is 665
  5. ^Yes Hawaii prices are lower by a little :smile:

    I may have to go check out the Amarante tomorrow!
  6. if lahaina is getting it, then surely wailea will too. i have to see it in person even though i'm not getting one lol.
  7. Thanks for the info! Though I'm not getting a Miroir Lockit, I'd like to see one in person. Maybe I'll get the chance. :graucho: