Random Musings About Feedback

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  1. I hear lots of sellers saying that they are going to quit selling once Ebay changes their feedback policy and I don't get it. Some observations:

    1. Ebay is doing this because they found that the vast percentage of sellers who leave negs are retaliating. This has certainly been my experience. I've had my current Ebay ID since 2000 and I was a member before that. Every neg I've ever received has been retaliatory (since I've bought hundreds of items and only sold 1 that's to be expected).

    2. Feedback in general isn't all it's cracked up to be. Look at all the known knockoff sellers with 100% feedback. Look at all the people who leave no feedback at all.

    3. People who leave no feedback actually tick me off more than people who leave negs, at least they are leaving something. I always leave feedback as soon as I am satisfied that the item I bought is as described and I expect feedback as soon as I leave it or, in the case of a powerseller who may be dealing with hundreds of customers, within a few days. I would estimate that for every 4 items I buy I receive 1 feedback, which means there are 3 I would love to be able to take back. Because of this feedback generally isn't that good of an indicator of activity anyway.

    4. If a seller has a difficult customer (which I'm sure there are as many bad customers as there are bad sellers) they have other means of dealing with them besides leaving feedback. A neg won't make your life any easier or get you your time back you wasted on some schlub but you can refuse to do business with them again, just as I would never buy again from someone who I didn't have a good experience with the first time.

    5. Is leaving a neg on a difficult customer really that effective? Does Saks refuse to sell to a customer who got into a screaming match at NM? Experience has shown me that if someone has money to spend someone else is going to step up and help them spend it, bad rep or not.

    Just my thoughts, I'll probably come up with a few more but it's coffee time :nuts:
  2. my main problem is that with the system as it is you can warn others about bad buyers who complain are , rude , impatient liars etc etc the change will mean that the buyer will have all the say the seller nothing and i feel some buyers out there will exploit this . however i have had one unpleasant experince on ebay and that was from a seller lol over 300 transactions with no other problems
  3. That didn't clarify much. What does Ebay consider to be a high risk transaction and what cases have a high probability of a negative outcome? If the probability is so high why do they allow the transactions at all?:shrugs: