Random Muscle spasms

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  1. Lately I have this muscle spasm under my lower right eye. When I start feeling nervous about something it starts twitching a few times. It probably happens 3-4 times a day but it's getting annoying........

    I'm wondering if it could be caused from Botox injections in that area? Or does it come with age? Is there something I could take to get rid of it?

    Am I lacking some type of vitamin?

    Please help!!!!
  2. I get the twitches when someone is annoying me. My eyelid flutters. Ive never had Botox so I dont think it is that.
  3. I twitch also, but it seems to happen randomly, and not when I am upset.
  4. I usually have eye twitches when I didn't get a good sleep or was up really late. But they go away with some rest. It sounds to me like it's just your body's reaction under stress. Like some people shake, or their voices break when nervous.. KWIM?
  5. magnesium is a muscle relaxant so try taking a supplement for a little while and see how it goes
  6. I get that sometimes and have occasionally gotten it for years. I also get it sometimes by my lip. I've never had a botox injection. I think stress causes mine.