Random LV sighting! Ayumi Hamasaki video!

  1. I'm a big fan of the j-pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki, and I was watching one of her most recent videos, and there is a scene where its raining and she has an LV umbrella.

    What umbrella is this? I'm not too familiar on them.
  2. i can't think of it name but it's on the UK version of the website it comes in a few colours and there are some other versions releasing later in the year, it's cute
  3. Interesting :nuts:
  4. oh yes that's her latest music video (pv), I was wondering about that LV umbrella too .... could it be especially made for her?
  5. i like that umbrella! its not too showy!
  6. Aww.. I love Ayumi Hamasaki.. and it warms my heart to see that she's a Vuitton lover ! :graucho:
  7. I love it! Too cute!
  8. I love that umbrella!!! :love:
  9. omg, i totally did not see that when i watched ayu's newest videos for "glitter" and "fated." great eye! i'm not sure what its called though.

    i love ayu! i have all her albums and singles on my computer. plus i have a huge promo poster from her inspire single! hehehe, i'm still waiting for ayu to come to the states and give a concert. rain has already arrived, and there are rumors of BoA. but ayu is still my #1! :smile:
  10. Lol! I posetd this a while back, there's a thread on it if you search. ;) Isen't it the "vernis" umbrella in pomme d'amour?

    (She has vuitton in some other videos too, like INSPIRE, but I can't seem to get a clear screenshot).
  11. There is also an umbrella that comes in the color amarante.