Random LV Pics

  1. What a journey! @TheSelby has arrived in the city of #Shanghai after 12 days on the #LVExpress http://bit.ly/PqGAlk
  2. The last day is here, Day 12 and @theselby arrives in #shanghai on the #LVExpress http://bit.ly/MwsEVZ
  3. World Traveller:pégase 55 in light yet durable canvas is #LouisVuitton's perfect holiday companion
  4. Welcome to the #LouisVuitton Plaza 66 Maison in #Shanghai! The first Maison in China, it is a real travel destination.

  5. An #LVExpress window display at the #LouisVuitton Plaza 66 Maison in #Shanghai.


  6. Go behind the scenes of the #LouisVuitton Espace Culturel Exhibit 'Turbulences', happening now in Paris.

  7. Pay homage to the golden age of rail travel with #LouisVuitton across the ages in the Art of Travel Exhibit in Shanghai

  8. Thanks for sharing this .. what a beautiful window display:smile:
  9. #LouisVuitton's best selling Zippy wallet gets the #Kusama treatment. Dots-a-go-go-who can resist?
  10. The Yayoi #Kusama take over extends to #LouisVuitton's windows in New Bond St; come and take a look into her world

  11. Wrap up in #Kusama Pumpkin dots with #LouisVuitton's fun scarves in autumnal hues of navy and fern

  12. #LouisVuitton's Lockit gets a heady dosing of #Kusama's dots, and is all the better for it