Random LV pics from Hong Kong boutique

  1. They did this light projection thing on the staircase to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year (it's the Golden Pig year - supposed to be really good year that comes once 60 years or something like that). Plus they have the model shows off some Pomme items.
  2. soo pretty!
  3. i recognize the first lady...are all 3 of them the same person?

    thanks for sharing!
  4. they are gorgeous -- guess that i why they are models huh?
  5. How cool! Thanks for sharing! :biggrin:
  6. Roxburry has been taunting me...now I am in love with this bag..
  7. Beautiful, stylish LV store! Thanks for the pics.
  8. I love how the model holds the Roxbury like a clutch, very interesting!
  9. Thanks for sharing these really cool pics.

  10. Anyone knows what she is wearing? Cute!
    Of course, the roxbury is fabulous...
  11. Awesome photos, thanks for sharing!!!
  12. Lexington is fabulous!!! YEAR OF THE GOLDEN PIG!!!!!!! YAY!:yahoo:
  13. I believe the two trench are from the 2006 Prefall collection. Don't know the exact name for them. The red one is on louisvuitton.com under Ready-to-wear 2006 Prefall collection and there's a look that have the same fabric as the biege one also.
  14. Yes all 3 are the same person. Her name is Mikki.
  15. Cool pictures, thanks for sharing.