Random Lv-ness


Jan 3, 2007
I work in the pharmacy department of a drug-store chain. Yesterday I had to go to the front of the store to get some things from the store manager. I noticed a woman waiting in line with her damier azur koala wallet and denim speedy. I could not stop staring! I don't think she noticed though - thank goodness!!
Jan 19, 2007
Well on Wednesday i went to LV in saks , just browsing I actually wanted to see the Keepall 55 and 60. im planing to get either or. Well the SA was helping me and very nice. I was looking at all the Amarante they had so beautiful we were talking . As i left she goes WOW it was so great to talk to someone that knows about LV. That made my day, I was so happy. So thanks for TPF for all the educational help.:tpfrox:

Booga, this is so cute, thanks for sharing! Today I was going to the grocery store and I was carrying my Cerise Sac Plat. A little old woman in line behind me told me that they cherries on my bag made her chuckle (she was at least 80 and so cute, totally grandma material)! My LVs always make me happy, but is was nice to hear somebody else liked it too!


Aug 22, 2006
I was in FedEx/Kinko's not too long ago and saw a woman with an LV tote that looked great. I went over and complimented her and asked her which one it was, she didn't know the name, she said, it's "the one Angelina Jolie was photographed with". So I went home and looked it up - Cabas Mezzo.

I loved it so much I ordered it (Elux), but when I tried it on me, it just didn't look that good. Weird, I know. I exchanged it for a Lockit H which I like better.

The woman was very pleasant and enjoyed the compliment.


Thank You God <3
Aug 27, 2006
^^^ i have done that so many times, bought bags i loved on other people, only to find they didnt feel rite on me.....its so weird!!

i am so so so happy today bc i love my Neverfull GM so Much!! i am in heaven rite now! there is just too much about this bag i love.....it is so me..i have never felt so good and comfortable and in love with a bag, actually on me, before!! I honestly feel like i dont ever even need or want to buy another bag ever !! which sounds insane but i really feel this way!!!!


May 1, 2006
today when i made a quick run to the post office, i brought my cles and my pochette wallet with me. as i was returning to my car, i must've squeezed my cles in the wrong place because i turned on my car alarm!!!! i quickly opened up my cles to turn off the alarm. so embarassing really. next time i'll just keep it in my purse so i won't look like a fool trying to get into my own car.


Sep 18, 2006
Well, this happend a month ago. When I went to LV, I asked my SA what type of brass cleaner they used on their bags. So my SA grabs the brass cleaner to show me. About 20 minutes later, the Director of Sales placed a small shopping bag in front of me on the counter. When I looked in the bag, it was a new tube of brass cleaner. She actually walked to the store that sold it and bought it for me.


Mar 2, 2006
This was a LONG time ago, I was wearing my Monogram Glace bracelet and someone asked where I got it, I said Louis Vuitton, where else lol, I thought you knew me? They laughed but said how much? I said $205 @ the time but its gone up for SURE...


oh is that so? then why the hell are you not working in the factory? HUH?!?! lol well I didn't say that but come on, you can't even draw this bracelet, let alone make one!

Also on this bracelet, I wear it where the buckle faces up and I always have people ask me for the time lol, they think its a watch!
Oct 24, 2006
this is really random.......

every sunday, we go to the mall and spend exactly 2 hours at LV..............................

isnt that weird/cool??

I :heart: going to LV with my mom.....she is the coolest :P

Its kinda like a mother-daughter traditon...


Dec 12, 2006
Cool thread i was gonna post this but i didn't think anyone would care, lol!

Last night i was in a club and i was dancing so left my bag with my friend, he got up to go to the toilet and left my bag (not lv thank god) and someone stole my purse! i had my porte monnaie with me i was gutted it had about £40 in it, my cash card and my boots card that had about £30 on it, i was more bothered about my purse tho, we asked around and the staff looked everywhere for it, at the end of the night someone found it in the boys toilets totally empty exept for my boots card (phew!) i was so annoyed, but just glad to have it back, i love that purse!! some people are so cruel! :sad: it has taught me a lesson though!

cherry pie

Jan 13, 2007
i love this thread.
i work in a department store and never see luxury goods! a few months ago a woman came in (she looked to be in her late 50s) dressed really casually in comfy trousers a tshirt and a big warm cardigan, she looked totally normal and not bothered about her looks. when i served her i noticed she had a really nice manicure and small diamond stud earrings. then she placed a mono speedy 30 on the counter and pulled out a mono wallet and matching cles, i had a sneaky peak inside her bag and she had a mono agenda and pochette in there too. it made me smile.