Random Lv-ness

Jun 15, 2006
Just stealing an idea from Tink. In the GD section she started a thread for peole to post happy news etc but the didn't think it needed a whole new thread dedictaed to it.

I often find little things I'd like to share but it's not important enough to do the new thread so here it is one for all of us.

this thread is for any random LV-ness in your life any little small things you want to chat about but don't need a new thread to do it.

I'll get us started, I was at work today, I work in retail Saturday is a crazy busy day because I am running here there and everywhere I just tired my hair back and use an LV bandana as a hairband it hold the stray hairs that fall out my ponytail back.

anyway back to the point the new customer I am to serving comes up to the counter and says they like my headband so I say thank you and leave it at that when getting the total for them I see a blue flash out the corner of my eye...hey I know that blue that's Groom Blue!!

the guys wife (it was the guy you complimented me) had the groom compact purse , so I said "oh you have the groom purse, it's adorable isn't it" the they replied "yes it's limited edition" it was so cute they where so proud and clearly an LV lover too (hey maybe they are a member on here *waving!!*

I wish I'd had longer to chat you see very few real LV's in my area​



Sep 26, 2006
Today I was in my local LV and purchased something (I will start a thread really soon after I take some pics)
There was a HUGE queue as always but when my SA saw me she came directly to me and I didn't have to wait, but I couldn't decide so I told her I needed to think and I went to have lunch.
When I came back the queue was HUGE again but again she came directly to me ! :flowers: she is just a doll!


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May 26, 2006
When I recently travelled to Hawaii alone, I was soooo happy and excited to see all the LV's, in the Honolulu airport I saw a mini mono blue Josephine, um, just so many, it was soooo cool, since not that many where I live, I got to carry my white MC noe which was a perfect summer bag... then the mall at Ala Moana, could there be any more gorgeous women in the world than there? I saw a cute girl going through the sales rack at neimans in short short short skirt with green neo denim speedy...it was all just too cool. I am an official bag watcher now... it's a great hobby! or, correction... way of life....:tup:


The Odd Mod
Apr 19, 2006
Today at brunch I saw a lovely Mono Riveting Pochette and a most horrid orange cloth Speedy with gold chain handles! :wtf: To make matters worse, the lady carrying it was wearing a matching orange jacket and matching shoes. :throwup:


Jan 14, 2007
Well on Wednesday i went to LV in saks , just browsing I actually wanted to see the Keepall 55 and 60. im planing to get either or. Well the SA was helping me and very nice. I was looking at all the Amarante they had so beautiful we were talking . As i left she goes WOW it was so great to talk to someone that knows about LV. That made my day, I was so happy. So thanks for TPF for all the educational help.:tpfrox:


Oct 30, 2006
We had a dinner guest who arrived carrying a Mono Speedy 25. I'd left my Groom cles in this flat container where we leave our keys in the kitchen. She was offering to help me with the food when I think she spotted the cles. I could tell she wanted to look at it discretely, but she was craning her neck and moving her head from side to side so much that I almost offered to put her out of her misery, I mean, curiosity!:P


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Sep 25, 2006
Today I was sitting at my desk and my blue groom wallet was on top of a large pile on the desk....my DH, who is all too familiar with LV, but never gives it a second thought because he thinks it's only for American and Japanese tourists (he was born and bred in Paris), eyes the wallet, picks it up.....and like his french mannerisms ---he smells it....opens it and
says, "what a nice Vuitton---IS IT NEW???".....of course i'm not going to tell him I'm in dire need of LV rehab, and I just smile;).....I think this is the first time he's actually said something nice about my LVs, besides the fact that they're pricey....maybe I can bring him back from the dark side.....:P I am, after all, "helping the french economy" LOL <---but he doesn't buy that!!!!


I want! I want!
Jan 15, 2006
The first time I wore my Champs Elysees blue bandeau to work tied under the collar of my work shirt, someone asked me "Is that you new uniform, it's pretty isn't it"
For a second I was confused as it's a dull navy corporate shirt. Then I realised they thought the LV bandeau was part of the uniform.:sweatdrop:


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Oct 30, 2006
Great thread Label.
My random thoughts for today were, my daughter is almost more obsessed with LV than I am. We are going on a few trips in the next two months & I am almost at exasperation point with her. She has every day/evening planned with a different LV. I would need to buy a trunk just to carry the bags :roflmfao: I told her one bag/one pochette she looked at me as if I had lost my mind, it was priceless the look on her face was as if I had just mortally wounded her :roflmfao: a mixture of disbelief & horror :roflmfao: