Random little Hermes fact

  1. Ok. So I know this is random but I was in Hermes on the weekend looking at the beautiful bags and I was talking to the buyer and he told me that it is very common in Dubai for people to have their cars re-apolstered in Hermes leather. And that they had just had a porsche and a ferrari redone in togo (is that right?) and crocodile. I nearly fell over!!! I just wanted to share this fact as I didn't even know that people had THAT much money. Vkd
  2. I think the Ferrari with croc seats was posted on here not too long ago! Personally, I think it's nuts but what do I know!
  3. I remember that!
  4. There was a fox fur throw featured in NYC. There were only 2 in the world. The other sold in Dubai over the summer. It made me chuckle because...............well, isn't rather warm over there at that time of year. I'm still hoping Croissant gets the other one.:p
  5. Alot of money floating around in Dubai so I understand.
  6. What a waste of croc when it could all go to bags. :graucho:
  7. All Dubai homes and malls have air conditioners switched on at full blast. 24 x 7. I had to have a shawl over myself inside a mall, which was freezing cold.

    I was also told that many Dubai folks have several holiday homes in Europe. So many the fox fur throw was for one of the many holiday homes?
  8. Yes I remember the ferRari!!!
  9. Yeah.....people DO have that much money and sometimes it's fun to spend it on nice but crazy things:smile:

    It's only money;)
  10. ^^^it was pazt who posted the ferrari pics i believe!!!
  11. anyone still have the pic of the car? i'm curious! i guess dubai people own too many birkins, give them less excitement!
  12. That's amazing.
  13. Wow.
    The elevators in the Hermes stores I've visited (the ones that have elevators, that is) are upholstered in H leather, and I always thought *that* was the height of luxury--especially since I only ever see SAs using the elevators. LOL!
    I wonder what it's like to *sit* on H leather?? Is it sort of like having a platinum toilet seat?
  14. I've used the elevator at my store before. Don't recall any leather claddings. Shall take a look tomorrow when I go to my store. There will be a closed door event tomorrow. :yahoo:
  15. A read about a fellow who had the Porsche upholstered in barenia. There was a pic on the Fashion Spot a few years ago.