Random Jewelry Box Question

  1. Now this is a random question, but I thought this might be a good place to ask! I'm very excited because I finally found a jewelry box that I like. I found it at Bailey Banks and Biddle in the mall, from Wolf Designs. My question is... what are those little tabs in a jewelry box that you can lift out, the ones with little piece of leather in the middle in the shape of a butterfly? What is that for? Rings? Earrings? I'm an organization freak, and would love to finish organizing my jewelry. Thanks.

  2. aren't they just for your fingers so you can pull up the pillow and store pieces underneath?
  3. I think they may also be for hanging necklaces, if you are travelling or prefer to hang necklaces so they don't tangle as much. I have a Wolf Designs box too (so great) but I don't use that thing, I just lay my necklaces flat in the drawers.
  4. Thanks guys. Though I am still confused by those random little pullout squares. It's funny how something to organize can create more confusion. :p