random ipod question

  1. Hi everybody

    I have a video ipod and am still a newbie when it comes to using it. I have some movies I own on DVD and was wondering, is there any way I can download them to my Ipod? I have a macbook if that helps any in answering the questions.

  2. I believe if you do a google search on it, you will be able to find software to do this. Although I haven't done it, my friend has. Good luck.
  3. you'll need to rip the movie to your computer, which you need software to do.
  4. yeah, I did a google search and downloaded handbrake, but am still having troubles getting it to work.
  5. thanks kallison. that's the site I was using, but I'm so computer illiterate, I was STILL having trouble, BUT good news! I kept plugging away and finally(!) was able to rip a movie. Thanks for all the help!:flowers: