random impulse purchase **PICS**

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  1. I made a thread earlier showing my V-day gift (the trevi) which I got about 1 or 2 weeks before V-day Well on V-day, my SO went into LV asking about the red heart, our SA told him that he should have waitlisted since Dec and that they were all sold out.

    oh and fyi, i was half joking about wanting the heart- i just saw everyone on tpf with it and said I need one because its too cute and would go well as a charm on the trevi.

    On Monday, I went in just to browse, JUST BROWSE!!! I saw my SA and she told me that she had one because of a return and she was going to call me on Tues because they were so busy. She told me she kept it aside for me and it happened to be the color i wanted too!!! POMME!!! She's so sweet!

    I know i should have held back because im waiting for the Sunset Boulevard and the Eva but I couldnt say NO. So i bought it and SO said he will pay for it!! =)

    It was fate.. I had to have her!!! AND ON top of that... the datecode matches my TREVI!!!! Made in France and both V-day gifts-- isnt it fate? so here it is.. (sorry for the long story)



  2. gorgeous! absolutely gorgeous. thank you for taking pictures.
  3. YAY!! Glad you got a good one!!
  4. it's so lovely! congrats!
  5. So nice! Congratz!
  6. very pretty!

    Oh and long stories are okay:smile:
    as long as we get to see the lovely goodies right away! LOL!:tup:
    no long teases! LOL!
  7. Gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy!
  8. Congrats! I'm glad that your browsing instinct lead you to your pomme! It was fate! ;)
  9. yay I love the Heart esp. in Pomme ... it goes real well with most LV bags and other designers too really. Congrats and I'm so glad you got one!

    Thank you for not stripping btw! LOL!
  10. HAHHAHA this thread was created because I was waiting for a striptease and got impatient..
  11. GORGEOUS!!!! I would've done the exact same thing!!!
  12. I love random impulse purchases!
  13. Congrats!
  14. That it something about the date code matching your bag!!! It s fate and you were meant to have the heart!!!!!!!!
  15. very pretty!!! congrats!!!!