Random Hermés pictures

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  1. Hopefully there isn´t a thread like this already, if so I´m sorry :flowers:
    I like collecting ads and pictures from magazines. These are some of the Hermés ones I have saved on my computer. Hopefully everyone enjoys and maybe contributes too:smile:
    Picture 008.jpg Picture 010.jpg Picture 126.jpg Picture 153.jpg Picture 233.jpg
  2. Love the pics! Thanks for posting:flowers:
  3. Thanks for posting.. beautiful pictures :smile:
  4. Thanks for sharing Nola...I wonder if the models can get to keep those wonderful H accessories....
  5. I think there is a thread called Hermes in Print, which groups all magazine material :flowers: Hope that helps
  6. Thanks for the pics! I wonder what color the Birkin is in the last picture. It's gorgeous! Anyone have any ideas?
  7. Maybe Rouge H, Scarlett'sBag.

    Thank you for posting these beautiful pics, Nola. Some I never saw before!!!!
  8. WOWZA did you see the closet full of scarves!!!!?????
  9. Wow... So many scarves.
  10. Amazing pics!!! Thank you for sharing!
  11. Great pictures,
    Keep them coming please.
  12. nice pics. love them all!!!!
  13. Thanks for the pics, Nola! I liked the last picture that had a quote from the lady being photographed "This [Birkin] bag is the most outrageously expensive thing I've ever put my name down for" and on the bottom the caption "Maria-Waited 12 months for a $7500 Hermes Birkin Bag" LOL!!! :angel: