Random Guy Masturbates in Front of ME!

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  1. I was at the library yesterday and some guy in his 30s started looking at me and masturbated. It was so... unreal and very weird. I had read about this happening lately, but never did I think I'd go through it.

    I'm not the type of person to run away from a problem, and I knew there was very little I could say at this moment, so I said "Oh, COOL! I used to do that when I had one..." You should have seen the expression on his face! LOL He shifted his eyes from my body to my face, and just walked away. I shouted, "Hey! Where you going?" and he almost starts running away.

    After that I reported him to the people working there, but they couldn't find him. They said they'll be on the lookout for him in case he strikes again, which I'm sure he'll think twice about before he does. LOL
  2. not sure how approriate this topic is.....
  3. **faints**
  4. I'm fine if someone wants to remove it, but I just wanted to share because I have heard this happening a lot lately.
  5. Um, thanks for sharing? :rolleyes:
  6. Wow. How weird. I probably would have went off on him lol
  7. ^ I wanted to, but I figured since he was doing that already... it wouldn't matter. =/
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.