Random Elle Macpherson pics.

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  1. I LOVE her style and wish there was a site dedicated to it!!!
    photos_2005_pg3.jpg 20-05-05-elles_out.jpg 0111.jpg 0511.jpg Elle MacPherson Birkin.jpg elle-macpherson_05.jpg elle_macpherson_14.jpg elle_macpherson_07.jpg
  2. she always looks classy but trendy at the same time.
  3. i love her too, i miss the fashion she had beginning 2000, birkin, flat chanel shoes and airport style... I'd love a site dedicate to her fashion sense
  4. Her home is gorgeous and I love her style!!
  5. She is absolutely stunning!
  6. Love her ! and her style ! :heart:
  7. Nice house and she looks great.
  8. She is a true beauty!
  9. Elle is my FAVORITE model EVER!!!:love:

    Elle Boots.jpg

    Elle Chanel.jpg

    Elle DOG.jpg

    Elle Gym.jpg

    Elle DIOR.jpg
  10. Some more pics:

    Elle HOT.jpg

    Elle Kids.jpg

    Elle Leather Jacket.jpg

    Elle London Out.jpg

    Elle London.jpg
  11. :jammin:

    Elle Mag.jpg

    Elle shopping.jpg

    Elle Elle.jpg

    Elle Out and About.jpg

    Elle out.jpg
  12. thanks for sharing the pictures. i love her too, she has great style regardless of what she wears and her hair always looks fantastic.
  13. i love her too! everything about her is just fab! thanks for sharing the pics.
  14. She always looks fabulous!
  15. She is such a beautiful woman. She always looks good and she's always stylish. And if it's her house on the photos then I think it's gorgeous.
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