Random compliment on my MJ bag

  1. I was in target yesterday and was carrying my teal large selma. As I walked in this girl complimented my bag and said to her friend, "Isn't her bag cute." At first I thought she was complimenting my baby. (My baby usually gets way more compliments than my bags.) Then later on I was checking out and she asked me what type of bag it was. When I told her what it was and where I got it she was disappointed b/c she was just in New York and missed the sale. (I got the bag for 200.00 at the MJ store.):yahoo:
  2. what a steal!!! didn't know they have sales. do you know what times of year?
  3. I love getting compliments from people IRL! Congrats on your great deal!!
  4. i didn't even know they have MJ stores, where are others at??
  5. most "large" cities...boston, NY, san fran, LA, etc...if you go to the website, you can see a complete list.

    their sales are really rare...and usually only at one boutique. for ex, in april, the boston store had a 75% off sale on many bags; then in december, the NY store had a closeout on selma bags only - they were $200 each, in 3 different styles & colors.
  6. Once the the NY store had a closeout on wintergreen for $150 a bag. MJ stores rarely have sales, but when they do, it's fabulous!!

    Glad to hear that you're enjoying your Selma!
  7. It is a wonderful feeling get compliments on your bag! And congrats on such a fab price! Enjoy your selma!