Random Chats and Pics

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  1. “Coat of many colors” by Dolly Parton :smile:
  2. Thank you, ATB! You know I like an item when it goes out right away! I wore the coat last night with a Chanel brooch, and I love it. :biggrin:
  3. Hehehe, I didn't know that was a title to a song.
  4. Hey ATB and other Top Chef fans — do you have any favorites so far this season?
  5. I haven't started watching yet because I like to watch lots of episodes at once. But for you, I will start either tonight or tomorrow. Is it a good season?
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  6. Lol, no rush ATB. Just watch at your leisure. We always want to watch it within a day or two of airing. It’s a good season so far — I enjoy each season for the food (the drama, not so much).
  7. Oh I hate drama. The past few years have pretty drama free, no Marcel et. al., lol
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  8. True. No Fabio or Stefan.
  9. :tup:

    Is there a Fabio, Marcel or Stefan this season?
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  10. Not really, lol. So a bit boring compared to those other seasons.
  11. Oh good! Then it's just about the cooking. I'll start watching tomorrow :smile:
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  12. My H shipment arrived today! :yahoo:

    First my new coin purse. I think it's color is rouge hermes or rouge piment? The other side is maybe potiron?

    IMG_2565.jpeg IMG_2566.jpeg
  13. And my new H scarf obsession. This is the first batch of scarves. Yes, I ordered more :whut:

    IMG_2560.jpeg IMG_2562.jpeg IMG_2564.jpeg IMG_2557.jpeg
  14. Another good color! We’re doing so well for H change purse colors on this thread....maybe it’s a sign we should order some more!

    Girl!! I, for one, am totally digging your H scarf obsession. I am living my scarf dreams vicariously through you, ATB! You’re doing me proud!! I particularly love the coordination with your new BH Lindy.
  15. These colors are so pretty. How many do you have now? Are you using all of them at the same time or rotating them?

    Pretty new scarves!! They look so good with your blue Lindy. Looking good ATB :smile: