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  1. Can I vent here? I almost bought a pre-owned Balenciaga tote today. I asked to see the serial number but she (seller) would just avoid answering that and answer every thing else I asked about. Then she sent an offer for almost half off! I should have jumped on the opportunity but I have learned my lesson the hard way so I wasn't going to buy without authenticating it here on tpf first. I asked for the serial numbers again and still no dice. She let 24 hours pass by and her offer expired. Long story short, she finally looks up the serial number and decides it's worth more and raises price by $400. Whatever. I ignore the price comment and still ask again for the serial number to get it authenticated and she says she doesn't think it's a good idea. WTF... She wants a $600 sale and won't put in an effort of taking a pic and upload which will take 5 min max. I reviewed all my conversation with her and saw I asked her for the numbers 4 times! I finally asked why can't she post the pic if the bag is authentic? Again, she only claimed it's authentic and no pic. I gave up and decided the bag wasn't worth all that trouble to me. I told her I don't know for sure without the serial numbers and it doesn't matter anymore since now she priced it out of my budget anyway. Then I blocked her because I decided she didn't deserve a dime for not doing the work. I have never met a seller so difficult in my life! Ok vent over.
  2. What a terrible seller. If her bag is authentic, she should have straight up just provided the picture the first time you asked. And for her to raise the price by 200% or $400 is outrageous—Bals have really bad resale value so unless it is in great shape or a hard to find/special color, it is not worth it. What style and color was it?
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  3. Morning tote. Handles are darkened and dirty looking as usual. I asked to see close up pics of the corners or any signs of wear. She didn't provide any of the pics and just said they are good condition. So basically she wouldn't let me be the judge of what I think of the corners. It's pink and I don't usually like pink. I was only interested because she said it was a salmon pink which to me means it has some orange then I would like it. Also I liked the textured patterned look of the smocked leather.
  4. I have never heard of the Morning Tote, only Sunday tote. When I googled it, the only thing that came up is, I guess, the bag in question. The color is pretty but the whole thing looks a little iffy (the tag, the smocking). Maybe that is why she won’t post the seriel number. You are better off looking for another one. And this one is definitely not worth $600.
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  5. Thank you. She already ruined my interest for her bag and gave me a negative experience. I googled and found the city came in gray in the smocked leather! I'll keep an eye out for that instead. Also during my search on tpf I discovered this style was faked so I was definitely not going to buy without getting it authenticated even for $250.
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  6. You got me intrigued about this style so I did a forum search. So interesting that Bal did a special edition like this for one season — it’s very opposite of what you think of for a Bal. I learned something new today. But anyways, this seller is so not cool with how she interacted with you — it’s good that you have moved on.
  7. Sounds like you dodged a bullet with that seller H999!! :tup:
  8. That whole scenario just sounds crazy!:wtf: If I get one whiff of a seller not being upfront, I walk. There will be other bags at great prices! Girl, get a glass of wine. :drinks: People like that are too much hassle!
  9. The clothes from eshakti.com arrived today, so here are the mod shots as promised. :smile: I didn't mod the military-style navy dress, because I didn't like it at all....it had some weird proportions, so it's going back. The black palazzo pants are fine, but just a good basic, not much to see. The navy dress with the bright piping is cute, but it's currently wet, cause I washed it. :biggrin: I ended up with a total of 5 keeps, and 2 going back.

    These 3 were my faves:

    Black dress with asymmetric collar--totally easy, and a fun collar on a classic silhouette. I'd pick this over jeans and a tee any day...and it's more comfortable!

    Black dress with oversized Peter Pan collar--also totally easy to throw on, and purely bought to showcase brooches! It was a little on the big side, but I can quickly fix that, so it's a keep.

    And my personal fave, the coat of many colors--the absolute BEST part is that this is a lightweight cotton with lining, so it's visually a "coat", but won't be hot to wear. Also, you guys know I love pattern and color, and this coat has both! (I forgot to take a pic of this initially, so yes, this is a coat pictured over my jammies!:lol:)
    It's almost FRIDAY!!!!! :yahoo:
  10. Oh wow, these look so good, And that coat — it was my favorite when I first saw your picks and it looks even more amazing on you. I really really really love this coat on you — so pretty, stylish, versatile and so you!!! I also like the other two dresses — I especially like how you pair the Peter Pan dress with those cool shoes. These are just wonderful additions to your amazing wardrobe.
  11. Thank you, Minda! You totally called it....the coat was definitely the stand out piece from this order. And at about $45 after all promos, I think it's a lot of visual bang for the buck! I wore the coat tonight, and it was the perfect weight for Phx. :smile:
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  12. Exactly why I was attracted to it! It's so unique!
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  13. I love that asymmetric neck dress! It's has pockets!! I love dresses with pockets! I also love your coat! I'm like you.. Love patterns and colors!
  14. Thanks, H999! I love pockets, too! If I could add them to everything, I would. :lol: That's one of my favorite things about ordering from eshakti....nearly everything has pockets. Give me pockets, color, and pattern, and I'm a happy camper!:tup:
  15. The dresses with pockets are awesome. I love pockets in everything! And that coat of many colors is totally you! I love it :heart::girlsigh::happydance::hugs: