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    Here’s my fat wiener dog Burrito, eating broccoli—my attempt to put him on a diet
  2. @fally Congrats on almost turning 40 . According to many people wiser than me, 40 is the start of being more comfortable in your own skin and being your most authentic self.

    The internet is a marvelous meeting place. You can share so much and yet be anonymous. In our day-to-day life, most of us have to keep up a facade, whether it’s within the extended family or at work, just to keep the peace.

    I’m sure you are not alone in wanting to tell your FIL and other judgmental people what you really think—but you can’t (or at least shouldn’t) because of cultural and social norms.

    I find it very freeing and cathartic to share random rants and thoughts—things that you can’t or shouldn’t say to people in your daily life. I also find it helpful to crowd source differing opinions, be it about purses and jewelry, or how to handle delicate relationships.

    At the end of the day, sometimes we just all really need someone to lend an ear and sympathize, and help us each become the best human that we can be.

    I believe we each have our hang ups, and most of us are our own worst critic—I find this to be true especially amongst my female friends. You mentioned that you are not a college graduate, and you felt that your extended family perhaps scorn you because of it. Well, their bias and judgments are just that—theirs.

    A college degree is exactly what it sounds like—a college degree. It’s a rite of passage for the people lucky enough to experience it, especially in their youth, as it’s an entirely different experience when obtained later in life (or so I’ve read). A college degree does not automatically make you smarter, more logical and rational, and/or a better parent (just some random examples). In my personal experience, a college degree does not make you a better cook, lol.

    I have always maintained, since my early 20s, that attending college is a good start for learning, but it’s definitely not the end all. Like most things in life, learning and accumulating knowledge thru experience should be treated as a journey (oftentimes with interesting rest stops along the way), and not merely the fastest route to a final destination. I’m a firm believer that a person can be intelligent, brilliant, and well-educated without a college degree. It’s self-evident from your writings that you are intelligent and brilliant. A college degree would just be a piece of paper, affirming the obvious.

    I don’t have any kids, and my dog doesn’t listen to me anyways, so I don’t think I’m in a position to offer parenting advice of any kind. That’s kind of like the naturally skinny person offering diet advice to the morbidly obese. But I can comment as a generally logical and rational person (when I’m not driven mad by hunger pangs), that a parent who’s willing to self-examine and reflect on a continual basis will set a good role model to his/her child(ren). Your daughter is lucky to have you as a Mom.
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    My darling @GeorginaLavender :love::hbeat:, has anyone ever told you that you are wise beyond your years?:hugs:

    I cannot convey in mere words how your thoughtful message has impacted me. I am so in awe of your passion and empathy to have connected with someone who just hours ago met for the first time. I have to agree with you wholeheartedly on everything that you've stated above as well as in your previous messages.

    I am at a complete loss of how to thank you and @Iamminda :love:for simply reaching out to a complete stranger and allowing them the opportunity to simply be vulnerable without fear of judgement. I truly wish that there were more women such as you ladies in this world. If I could teach my daughter anything from speaking to both you lovely women, it would be to try to emulate these characteristics because you are both wonderful role models.:hbeat::hugs:

    Thank you so very much for being such a great and unbiased friend. I truly cannot say it enough. May you always remain as you are and I hope your parents know what a wonderful daughter they have. It's a very scary world and to have met you, @Iamminda , @Kendie26 , @Dextersmom and @Bibi25260 has truly made this forum that much more special for me.

    P.S. Can I say how adorable your beautiful pup Burrito is? I know that you don't have children hun but trust me you are one amazing mama to your pup. Also you are definitely better at giving inspirational life advice than most parental units I know:love::hbeat:

    Oops my friend, I forgot to say thank you to the early birthday wishes. If I haven't missed yours then I would love to extend the same sentiments on yours. May you have a most happiest of birthdays with your loved ones.

    Your Friend,
  4. @GeorginaLavender that is such a cute picture of your dog. And what a thoughtful and insightful post. You are so right that we are all just trying to be the very best that we can be each and every day. And it is great if we can help each other in any way that we can — be it some actual advice, a recipe, or just listening and providing support.

    @fally. No need for thanks. You are a sweetie and we all enjoy reading and responding to your posts :smile:
  5. +1 @Iamminda :love:, You are extremely generous, kind and darling. I also enjoy your humorous posts with all the ladies. They are beyond refreshing / engaging .:hugs::hbeat:
  6. @fally and @Iamminda Thank you both for the lovely compliments—to me and to my little Spoiled Burrito

    Like I said before, the Universe has a strange way of delivering what you need, when you need it. And most things are about Perspectives.

    I try very hard to be mindful of all my blessings, but alas, I’m human, and sometimes I’m “ungrateful.” But there are lessons to be learned if you look.

    Now when I lived in Vegas, I played A LOT of poker, and I was a winning player. My downfall is slots—the music does something weird to my brain, and I literally cannot stop. One night I was grabbing a quick dinner in Chinatown (Vegas) after losing about one thousand of my poker winnings in slots the nite before, beating myself up for “wasting” monies, and was just generally feeling sorry for myself.

    Now, I had eaten at this plaza before, and sometimes I would see this homeless lady, and I would give her some money. I saw her again on my way out, and before she asked, I put $20 in her hands. And her eyes emoted pure gratitude, and she thanked me at least 3 times. I was happy that I could help a person in need; sad that I could not do more; and more importantly, secretly ashamed that I was in a foul mood due to my own stupidity in gambling the money away when I have a warm roof over my head and food in my belly.

    I’m very human, and I have my ups and down and irrational moments, and “life is unfair” moments. But for the most part, I always try to lend a helping hand and be mindful and appreciative of the blessings in my life.

    In real life, I have been taken advantage of because of my general disposition. I have reflected and thought about changing, but decided against it because that would be changing the core of who I am as a person. Also, I credit my very wise parents and grandparents with my general optimism—the glass can be 1/2 full instead of 1/2 empty—you often have the choice to decide.

    In life, a lot of times, you get back what you put forth. If you want to attract positive energy and blessings, then be the light and blessings.

    Fally, I think you have had a positive experience on TPF because you put forth a positive and happy vibe, so thus you attract like kinds. @Iamminda is always a sweetheart—you always have kind words for everyone, and I hope you receive blessings back in tenfolds.

    As for me, I do have my pet peeves, like people eating in the buffet lines, but I was raised that if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut.

    I’m on TPF to share my obsessions with purses, jewelry, shoes, and foods (in no particular order) with likeminded individuals, and to spread some joy and good cheers whenever possible
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    Good Morning my lovely and beautiful @GeorginaLavender:love:,

    I am truly in awe of your philosophy, morality, generosity, and above all else humility. As i sit here and try to think of what to say, I can only wish to be half the woman that you are one day.:hugs::hbeat: I am so happy to have had the pleasure to meet each and everyone of you...... delightfully dignified and genuinely compassionate women. I will forever cherish this very moment marking it as not only a day that I came to the realization that I should learn and grow but as the day that you ladies gave me hope. :hugs:
  8. Hi there @fally
    Thank you for including me on this thread. i have never seen this subform before. Where can I find it on the forum lists, so that I may be able to find you all again? :heart::heart::heart:
  9. Hi DM. I think this is in “The Playground” under “General Discussion”. And the thread’s name is “Random Chats and Pics”. I have never been here either so I will just select the “Watch Thread” option (like I do with the Vegan threads etc). Good night dearie.
  10. :wave:OMG what a super duper precious poochie!! And eating broccoli?!! Love that!!:lol:
    Lovely exchange amongst all of you beauties....thanks for tagging me sweet @fally & I was going to ask the same question that the beautiful @Dextersmom asked so thanks for clueing us in sista friend @Iamminda ....love & hugs to you all:hugs:
  11. First I have to compliment @GeorginaLavender on her comments and adorable dog eating brocolli! It's my fav vegetable.

    @fally Thank you for your compliment and I agree: there are members such as you who enrich this forum!!

    And agree with Dextermom as I never have seen this thread/sub forum....
  12. Thank you, IM. :hugs:
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    Good Morning my dearest @Dextersmom :love:, hope you are having a wonderful Saturday with your family. Thank you for being one of the kindest women that I could have ever met. I too have never seen this subforum and am so happy that the lovely @GeorginaLavender , @Iamminda , @Kendie26 , @Bibi25260 and you of course have opened my mind, as well as tummy to the wonderful world of tpf. I needed this my friends.:hbeat::hugs:
  14. Oh gosh to my very first, amazing and wonderful friend on tpf @Bibi25260 :hbeat::hugs:, I am so happy that you came into my life. I never expected to share such an honest, genuine and caring friendship with anyone besides my spouse. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to let friendship back into my life. I am a more positive woman because of it.:love:
  15. Hello my sweet friend @Kendie26 :hugs:. Thank you for joining all of us on this thread, I hope you don't mind that i lured you on here as well. I have secretly followed all of you ladies and I couldn't be happier that you and the other ladies have provided me with an endless resource of knowledge when it comes to our love of handbags, food, humor and above all else acceptance.:hbeat: