random cell phone questions

  1. I am technologically behind the curve...so I though I would ask the more savvy. I want to see about getting a new cell phone. I have service with verizon and my contract has expired and I am going month to month. I have heard I can get a good deal on a cell phone on eBay. Is this true? And if I do, how do I get it to work? I mean, like get my phone to start taking calls. If I get a new phone, will I have to renew my contract? I know I can buy one through verizon, but they cost a fortune and I want to get one cheaper than the deals you get by extending your contract. I know a lot of questions, but any and all help is greatly appreciated! :yes::flowers:
  2. I've bought and sold phones on eBay before, and I use Verizon as well. Just make sure they seller gives you the ESN before the auction is over, call Verizon, and make sure the ESN can be activated for your line of service. If the ESN is clean, they can activate it for you, over the phone, almost immediately. At least, that's how it's been for me in the past.
  3. Usually if you sign a new contract somewhere...you can get phones for SUPER cheap. I just got a new phone with T-mobile (upgraded so I didn't pay the cheap price), the Motorola W490, it's a bit like the razr but newer, and if you sign a new contract with them the phone is only like 25 bucks. yeesh that's cheap!

    if you don't want a contract then I dunno, I've never bought a phone off eBay! I've been too happy with T-mobile for the last 5 years :smile:
  4. Yes! just make sure they are verizon compatible. Verizon runs on the CDMA network, so make sure your phone runs on that.
    Also, if it's something like $1, it come with a plane it's a ploy to get you to buy the phone so don't buy.
    If you want to activate your phone with verizon just take it to them and tell them you want to switch your service onto the phone and they will gladly do it for you, just make sure to tell them that you don't want to change your plan or get a contact.
  5. just sign up for a 1 yr or 2 yr contract with them again and get a great deal on one of the phones from verizon.

    also you can buy a phone from ebay, just make sure they say it's a verizon phone. and you can take it into verizon and they will activate it for you.

  6. Thanks everybody for all the help. Can you tell me what an ESN is? Thanks!
  7. You're more than likely gonna get a better deal if you buy through Verizon and extend your contract.
  8. ^^I agree. Plus, u never know what you're getting off of ebay. Most cell companies won't help you if the phone doesn't work or stops working when purchased on ebay.