Random, but... leaving contacts in

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  1. Am I the only one that frequently sleeps with their contacts in? I have no idea exactly how bad this is, but it's probably not too good of an idea. :Push:
  2. ouch i can never do that. when i try to take them off them after i do that, they feel like they are glued to my eyeballs and i literally have to peel them off. ugh.
  3. I've worn contacts for 13 years, and I sleep in them. They're the Acuvue disposable ones that I'm supposed to change every two weeks, but I usually leave them in for a month or so :shame: At first, it was weird sleeping and showering with them in, but now I'm used to it. It actually feels strange not to wear contacts.
  4. OMG Cristina! AHA, doesn't your eye doctor yell at you?! I get a lecture whenever I said I slept with them for one or two nights, so I've stopped mentioning it! They say it keeps oxygen from getting to your eyes and therefore causing your eyesight to get even worse.
  5. I lie and say that yes, I am throwing them away every two weeks :shame: He did catch me one time a few years ago, he asked me why I wasn't ordering my contacts at the right times, since I should have run out by then. He did warn me about the lack of oxygen, that must be why my eyesight keeps getting worse. But, my dad is close to being legally blind (he's worn glasses since he was 3 :lol: ), as are other members of my family, so I figure I'm going down the same route, with or without regular contact disposal :lol:
  6. hrmmm the air oxygen thing might have a point, i don't wear contacts regularly anymore, since i've found a really nice pair of frames that looks really good on me. and i've been wearing them for 2 years now, and my eye sight hasn't gotten worse.... i'm in the 500s right now, so it's almost halfway to being legally blind.
  7. I sleep in them sometimes but they feel horrible once I wake up. I change my contacts every month instead of two weeks.

  8. same here. i hate that.
  9. I stopped wearing contacts a while ago because I so love, love, love to buy (and wear) glasses. I have a few pairs of glasses, and I am always tempted to buy new ones. I do have contacts -- I use them when I really dress up, and don't want to have a glasses and dress thing going on.
  10. There have been many times where I've wanted to do that, but my doctor has ingrained in me not to do it. My eyes are extremely dry to being with, so I tend to use drops a lot when I wear contacts too.
  11. I work for a contact lens manufacturer and let me tell you it is bad to sleep in contact lenses that are not designated for extended wear, even naps.

    When your cornea is oxygen deprived (hypoxia) it swells and becomes very dry (the peeling). You leave yourself open to conjunctival infections (pink eye) and damage to the epithelium, stroma, and endothelium (layers that make up the cornea), resulting in cysts and infections.

    Don't peel your lens. Hydrate your eye before you do it. You are peeling away a layer of the epithelium when you do that!

    If you want to sleep in your lenses have your doctor prescribe a lens made of silicone hydrogel, which allows more oxygen to the cornea.

    Off the soapbox now. I guess that's more than you really wanted to know about the effects of corneal oxygen deficiency! But you should really take care of your eyes! :nuts:
  12. One of my friends gets pink eye every time she does it.
  13. Cristina we are twins! I do the same thing. I am 37 and have worn contacts since I was 13. I have slept in mine for the past 18 years easy. My doctor says its bad but my eyes seem to be dealing ok with it. No problems. I have never had a problem other then once every three years or so I get really light sensitive for about two days and have to take them out. I have the worst eyes and I just hate the feeling of not being able to see all the time. Also wearing glasses makes me sick. I get dizzy.
  14. I like the look of glasses but my script makes me so dizzy because its strong. I found the cutest pair of Chanel glasses I am thinking of wearing them without scripts..is that gay? LOL
  15. Wow, a cute cat picture and massive amounts of information !

    What more can one really ask for, really ? :lol:

    And I adhere strongly to the never sleeping with contacts in.. I feel so blind after I do that !