Random but I REALLY need your help ladies!!! (re: Nike Air Forces 1s.. ahgjdhgjkl!)

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  1. So.. My boyfriend is the sweetest thing in the world and always spends ALL his money on me and never gets anything for himself... so I was thinking that I would get him something for being so wonderful ;D

    I know that he really wanted some Nike Air Force 1s.. but the problem is I have no idea where to get them. I'd like to purchase them online because it would be so much easier... so does anyone (or anyones bf) know where to get them? I found a bunch of retailers but a lot of them don't guarantee authenticity.

    SO PLEASE ladies! I really need your help! Thanks in advance! :biggrin:
  2. I checked zappos.com and it doesn't look like they carry Nike. I'm still looking at Niketown.com but it doesn't look like they have Air Force 1s? Weird. =[
  3. footlocker.com?