Random Acts of Kindness

  1. I try and do 1 a day.....

    Anyone else? What did you do today?
  2. Well, lately I haven't been going out so, no really kind acts of kindness...only to my family? When I do go out though, I do try to do 1 a day also, the last act of kindness was paying for someones bridge toll who was behind me. When that person caught up with me on the bridge she (honked the horn) smiled and waved to me along with her children!...loved it.:yes:
  3. I try to help people out whenever they need it - which is usually everyday doing things like carrying bags, opening doors, posting mail etc.

    Random things I wouldn't say I do everyday, but when I'm in a kind mood I'll make an effort to really help out, say by volunteering to help at a charity jumble sale, or offering to teach someone how to use a pc.
  4. I volunteer at my daughters school almost everyday....And my daughter Loves to see me there...so its great.
  5. well....I smile at people. I Offer to help in any way. I am there for people. I don´t criticize people at work. And I am honest. And when I drive I stop to let people cross the street. To me today that´s being kind.
  6. I am always as polite and happy as I can possibly be. If somebody I see looks nice, I make sure I always tell them too, its such a small thing but really means something if you take time out to say that somebody is looking lovely :smile:
  7. I sometimes carry food with me when I go into SF so I can have something
    nutritious to give to the homeless people.

    I once made dinner for a homeless man on the street near my house (which
    was very odd given where we live). I admit I took my two big dogs with
    me though when I drove back to where he was to deliver the meal.

    My cousin called Friday to ask for money to feed his kids, so I went to
    safeway.com and ordered up a ton of groceries and had them delivered.
    Only the fool gave me the wrong address!!!! :shocked:

    Luckily, the people at the wrong address were into random acts of kindness
    too and declined the $150 worth of groceries :flowers:
  8. My colleague was having a rough day at work so I bought her a giant chocolate chip cookies(one of her favs). Last week, she got me starbucks since I had been working late last week so I could keep my eyelids propped up!