Random Acts of Kindness -- What Kind of Budget?


What should the spending range be?

  1. $10 - $25

  2. $25 - $50

  3. $50 - $75

  4. $75 - $100

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. What do you think should be the spending range?
  2. somewhere between 0-100. whatever yall think is fine with me.
  3. I'm in for whatever amount. Say it is set for $25.00-$50.00, then are we allowed to go over $50.00 if we choose? Like I said whatever range is fine with me! LETS DO IT!!!!
  4. Yes, you can go over $50 if you choose, but no one should expect to receive more than $50 worth of kindness, no matter what they spend (so there are no hurt feelings, etc) ... ;)
  5. I don't fully understand what the budget is for...will there be multiple presents? is this the price range for each present, or the biggest present? Sorry, I'm a bit confused!
  6. sounds fun... let me know how this works! Count me in :smile:
  7. I do have one question though. How many gifts are we buying for how many people and how often? Sorry, I couldn't figure that out from the other RAOK forums.
  8. Oh absolutely-- just wanted to make that option clear for myself and any one else who might wonder about it.
  9. I voted for the $25-$50 range!
  10. I think the other forums used a time frames of several weeks, and I think the gifts just fall into that price range, like considering that price range with each purchase. I am sure Lovey will come along shortly and explain the plan fully. I think she is very familiar with RAOK.
  11. My vote was for the $50 range- but I am game to what ever amount is decided!
  12. i think this is going to be so much fun!!
  13. So the price range is intended to include 3 gifts (2 smaller: can be notes/stationery/candy/flowers/whatever) and one larger gift of your choosing.

    So the price we choose should be for all 3 gifts. (unless you want it to be $25 per gift, in which case by all means say so...)
  14. IMO I think we should be able to spend up to $25 on the 2 smaller gifts and up to $50 on the 1 big gift. What does everybody else think?
  15. yeah i think that would be quite good!