Random Acts Of Kindness-Lived on :-)

  1. :heart: So....I've been a little absent for awhile...I've been having major turmoil and issues with my job. Thus, my shopping has been curtailed for the last month. It was so hard to be looking at everyone's purchases and not being able to think...what will I get next.

    Lucky for me though....I met Jenn aka: Butterflie on this board...and I have to say...RAOK live on!

    She's absolutely so sweet, and sent me flowers to cheer me up! Let me tell you when the fed ex showed up at my door with a box from Pro Flowers....it completely did the trick.

    So I just wanted to say thanks! And remind people of how great everyone on this Board is, and how much I appreciate Jenn!

    If it wasn't for this Board, I'd have one less amazing friend. :heart: :smile: :heart:
  2. i am sending well wishes your way!:flowers: hope things will be better soon.
    and our butterfliie is a beautiful creature, i agree...inside and out!:heart: :tender:
  3. That is SO SWEET!!!

    I'm sorry to hear about the problems with your job. :sad: I hope things get better for you!!!
  4. That's heartwarming! Sorry to hear about your situation. I've been down lately too! Wish I had my very own TPF friend to cheer me up *envious* :flowers:
  5. awww! How very thoughtful!:tender:
  6. OMG Lacey!! :blush:

    Honestly, I feel SO incredibly blessed to be able to call Miss Shmoo88 my friend. :love: She is not only the most adorable teeny tiny ballerina-esque person, but has an amazingly generous and beautiful spirit as well.

    I love you Lacey Daisy!!! :tender: And I love all you tPF ladies (and the few gents) as well!! :heart:
  7. How sweet and very thoughtful!
  8. TPF is a big happy family!
  9. Awww :smile:
    how cute!! :smile:
  10. how nice of you jenn! and lacey i really hope you feel better and know everything will work out.
  11. Love you back Jenn--
    That was so sweet of you to send Lacey flowers-- thats waht RAOK is all about!!
  12. So sorry to hear you are having a bad time Lacey--
    I am glad Jenn could cheer you up!
    Hang Tough, things will be better soon!
  13. Lacey, I am sending big cyber hugs your way. The friendships developed here are far more important than the bags. Butterflie, thanks for being so thoughtful of our shmoo!
  14. Wow that was super thoughtful of Jenn! Schmoo, chin up girl - I know you will be back to work and shopping for fabulous stuffs soon!:p
  15. Sorry to hear that you're down Schoo. I'm very glad that Jenn can cheer you up.

    How sweet are you, Jenn. Not only are you beautiful and hot, you're nice too. If we didn't love you, we'd hate you, LOL.