Random Acts of Kindness Gift Exchange and/or Virtual Baby Shower?

  1. I just found out some of the PF'ers in the Hermes forums are doing a random acts of kindness gift exchange. I guess it's kind of like secret santa. The gifts are sent through the mail. The ones I saw range from sweets and goodies to hermes twillys! Is anyone interested in doing this in the LV Forum? If so, reply to this thread and I will try to organize it!:love:

    Another idea, also stolen from Hermes Forums, is a virtual BABY SHOWER for any expectant moms this year. Anyone expecting?

    I would be happy to organize both!!!
  2. me!!!:heart:
  3. sounds like fun :biggrin:!
  4. I saw that thread also, and it looked like a lot of fun to me, I would love to do something like that.:yahoo:
  5. Aww that sounds cute.
  6. awh, cute.
  7. Oh that would totally rock! Count me in! If you need help let me know!
  8. Count me in! Sooo cute!
  9. ooooh would be fun!
  10. I'm so excited you guys want to do this. Which idea, or both? And let me know who's expecting...

    There is a secret santa site (elfster.com) that does all the work. When I figure out the rules and stuff, I'll ask the mods to make a sticky.
  11. Ooooo it sounds fun.
  12. sounds fun! count me in!
  13. sounds like a lot of fun! :yahoo:
  14. I think it would be fun, count me in!
  15. I was so jealous of the Hermes girls..seems like fuun!