Randa the Rhino's Babysitting Service

  1. One of our Indian Rhino keepers just sent this to me. It is Randa babysitting some ducklings. Their mommy chose Randas yard to raise them. She goes off quite often and leaves them with her apparently...too damn cute!

  2. That is adorable!
  3. omgosh! cute everything!
  4. so cute.
  5. that is too cute!
  6. That is so cute. Nobody is going to mess with those ducks when Randa's around, lol.
  7. What a fabulous picture. Delicate little ducklings on the back of a powerful Rhino. Thanks for sharing.:smile:
  8. LOL that has to be the cutest pic ever! Thanks for sharing!
  9. lol, that is so cute!! I love when animals interact with eachother :smile:
  10. :nuts:thats so cute!
  11. That's soo funny and cute! I love how when animals feel responsible for babies of another species! Thanks for sharing!
  12. doesn't it just make you tear up inside? so cute. actually though it really is just a symbiotic relationship. they most likely pick lil bugs and things off Randas back so she doesn't pay too much attention to them. rhinos will behave like this in the wild. birds pick things off them so they like them around. can't say theres any emotional ties here, just one species benefitting another. I just want to hug Randa sometimes though cause shes just the coolest rhino anyway!
  13. Great pic Bag!
  14. This is too cute! I fed a Rhino at the San Diego zoo once on a private tour, his name was Graham, and he was so sweet! Certain parts of his skin were as soft as a baby's butt, it was really neat. Excuse the randomness, just wanted to share! Thanks for posting these pics, they are great.
  15. they really are wonderful animals. when hand raised they are like big cows with armor. very sweet and gentle. (just don't get in their way!)