Rana Slick Satchel

  1. I just ordered the Rana slick satchel from Saks.com in red. Does anyone have this bag and how do you like it....? I haven't recieved it yet and am usually on the Balenciaga forum. I've never had a Jimmy Choo before....
  2. Welcome kittenslingerie to the JC forum:flowers:
    Have not purchased this bag, but it is Gorgeous:drool: IRL
    Please be sure to post photos when you receive it and let us know what you think. I own (have owned) several JC styles and I just :heart: :choochoo::choochoo: bags. I hope you do too!
  3. I have the radiant which looks similar and I think if is my favorite Choo. I haven't carried it yet as it looks more like a fall/winter bag, but I love this style! Congrats on your first JC bag and do post modeling pics when you get it:wlae:
  4. kittenslingerie - Congratulations and welcome. Your first Jimmy Choo, how exciting! My first Jimmy Choo handbag was the Ramona in the slick red calf. It is a bigger bag than your Rana. You will absolutely love your bag. The quality of the workmanship and materials is amazing. I love the deep red color, perfect for year round use. When it arrives, please post some pictures. :choochoo:
  5. Thanks everyone. I will post pictures as soon as it arrives. :smile: