Rana or Ramona

  1. Any opinions on this would be so appreciated. I want to buy a friend one of these bags for a gift. I have seen the Ramona IRL, but not the Rana. Can anyone tell me if Rana can comfortably fit on the shoulder or is it strictly a satchel? If it is a satchel do you consider it comfortable? Then of course color...Red, black, any other suggestions?

    Thanks so much!:smile:
  2. This doesn't really answer the question, but boy do I wish my friends gave such great presents!! Your friend's one lucky gal!

  3. I would honestly say the Ramona is going to fit better over the shoulder because the handle drop is 8.5 inches and the Rana only has 6.5 inches for the drop.

    Plus the Ramona is a Classic Jimmy Choo bag:choochoo::choochoo:
  4. Thanks Robyn, those are good points. I was looking at the $799.00 sale and think that's pretty good. I saw you got $620.00 on your bag. That is a great price! Even with the $799.00, I am thinking of getting one for myself as well. I may get one of each and decide when I see them who gets what.:yes:
  5. She gave me a Mahala awhile ago, so I wanted to reciprocate. It gets crazy though, so after this year I will end the madness! LOL!:lol:
  6. Well Kare, do you need a new best Friend:nuts:

    I can be very helpful in finding the great deals, it's another if someone will buy them for me!!!
  7. That's so sweet Kare, you & your friend sure are lucky to have each others as friends! Whatever you choose I'm sure she'll LOVE it, so good luck! ;)
  8. Oh rewind please..
    Ramonas for (ehem) those prices. wow.. :wtf: share please? Where to find..?? :woohoo:
    (Although I know it's a big world out there)