Rana froggie pouch

  1. I really want one of of these......... trying to resist!! Available @ Nordies pre-order in many colors! I love the frog......

  2. i *think* they're may be a version in leather and without the loop handle. if so, that's the one i'm waiting for. i love the frog too.
  3. So cute! I wish it was more like $395 then $795 tho ;).
  4. Here are the other colors


    (:shocked: Not my taste, personally)
  5. i love the frog too. i just have no use for this bag - its too tiny for me. i think jess (yes.please) mentioned something about a froggie brooch being available at the mj boutiques?
  6. i hate frogs so its hard for me to appreciate them. haha. i can see it being cute though but i have no use for it either.
  7. it says made of kangaroo leather! whoa. dunno how to feel about that...
  8. i didnt know kangaroos had leather. or people made things out of their leather. no wonder why theyre so expensive, assuming that kangaroos are in short supply.
  9. The bags are very cute, not practical for me but still adorable and if I am not mistaken there is too many kangaroos in Australia.
  10. Well common sense has talked me out of it... for now anyway.
    I keep wondering what's holding the froggie on there? What if I
    bang it & it falls off? I'm left with an 800 plain little leather pouch?

    But it's just too cute!
  11. I have a friend named Rana, lets just hope she doesn't like kangaroos. :nuts:
  12. I guess I am in the minority...I don't like this bag. I am not crazy about frogs either!
  13. Yep, Exactly my thoughts! Frogs are icky.
  14. Does she know that Rana means "frog" in Spanish? I think it would be cute to get the bag with your namesake.

    I think they're cute! But not cute enough to spend $800. :nogood:
  15. oh, poor kangaroos! Although, we definately have alot of them down here!