Ran to the outlet yesterday ...

  1. I literally just ran in and did a quick run through, but I came out with two things. The Hamptons taffy bag for $44 (they had one in black and one in gold and now I'm kind of wishing I got the black :Push: oh well I've been wanting something in this style for a while) and the fish scarf for $23. They had the leather bags from last fall (loving the teal!) and pleated hobos. No scarf print left, they sold the last tote earlier for $64 grr! Hah.

    They also had ONE lone patchwork baby bag/large tote ... one like this. They just put it out and I put it on hold thinking I was going to go back down tomorrow and get it. Now I can't, so if anyone is down by Sawgrass Mills FL tomorrow and wants to get it, PM me and I'll tell you the name and number it's under. I would feel better knowing someone from here got it and not some ebay reseller. It was only $169.99! I wanted to just get it then, but I was having issues with my bank. Oh well, it wasn't meant to be!

    I am very happy with my two deals though. :graucho: I'll model the taffy bag tomorrow when I'm not in PJs.
    fish1.jpg fish2.jpg fish3.jpg fish4.jpg fish5.jpg
  2. Is it the regular pleated hobos you saw or the dusted suede one? They didn't mark the dusted suede one further so I didn't get it although I love it.
  3. the scarf is really cute! and you can't beat it for only $23!
    and that patchwork tote- TOO adorable. i would have to cash in my pennies to get that! (there's a girl in one of my psych classes with the fake on and it seriously makes me sick...so i like seeing the real deal)
  4. I was debating on getting that scarf over the weekend but I walked out empty handed. It is lovely though. I love the hamptons taffy..they had the hobos in black I believe for 50% off at the leesburg outlet.
  5. It was the leather ones and the mosaic suede one ... the pinkish orange purple one and the brown & gold dusted suede. But I didn't see anymore all dusted suede ones. I wanted one too. :s
  6. Darn. It's coming out again I hear so maybe we'll both score one this time! :nuts: I saw the mosaic suede ones too. Very pricey!!!
  7. Love that fish scarf! It is so cute!
  8. I'm going to go do some huntings for goodies as well today. Those are gorgeous!
  9. Nice! I almost bought the gold taffy yesterday. I got the large black tote yesterday but love the gold as well!
  10. Oh I love the taffy! I know you said you wish you had gotten the black, but the gold is so pretty! I love the color combination of tan and red :heart:3