Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares:

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  1. It really makes the person who wins prove they want it badly!

    He is a perfect television entertainer!!!
  2. I wish I could watch this show, we don't have it here in Canada! ;o(
  3. ^^Yes we do!!^^^
    It's coming to Citytv on June 12th, I can't wait!
  4. LOve that show..he is so wild!
  5. We don't get BBC America so I haven't seen the British versions of Ramsay's shows. But I did enjoy Hell's Kitchen on Fox last year, and the new season starts on June 12. I don't like Hell's Kitchen as much as Top Chef, though. They dumb down the food aspect of it too much, which Top Chef did not.

    I also like Ramsay's cookbooks.
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