rampent thread moving and closing of threads

  1. Ok...please, please don't take this the wrong way...on a whole I think the mods do an awesome job....but (there is always a but, isn't there)...I am not talking about obvious mis posted threads, but more subjective threads, I think it is over the top. I have seen threads be on the main LV board for several hours, where people are following it, then all of a sudden move to the shopping thread.

    To be perfectly honest, I think the shopping thread is superfluous. So many threads do not get fully explored or their due attention by being moved here. The same goes for closing threads dealing with issues gone over before. Yes, we all know that certain issues have been covered over and over....and yes, people should do a search...but with so many new member and the exponential growth rate of tPF wouldn't we be better off letting members who have the time helping these newbies along, rather than abruptly shutting them down? Plus new information surfaces all the time. Do we really think we know everything there is to know? Can it not be possible some new, interesting info might be harvested if a thread is allowed to develop on it's own, rather than being cut off at the knees, with a curt. "search the forums"?

  2. Have to say I agree with you, Tink, even if you do a search is not always easy to find the right thread (even though it has been covered before...)
  3. i totally agree. i don't really think there is such a huge difference between shopping threads and the main forum threads, since basically everything in the main forum can be framed as a purchasing decision to be made. also, there are many times when i've posted or was following a thread, only to come back later and have no idea where it is, and thus forget about it. there are also times when i stumble into the shopping thread and see all these super interesting threads that i would've loved to follow in the main forum, but now don't really notice because i tend to pay most of my attention to the main forum threads. i see a lot of threads that were getting a lot of responses in the main forum, and then as soon as they're moved into a sub-forum like the shopping forum, responses only trickle in and it doesn't get explored fully. don't know what the solution is, but just wanted to throw my 2 cents in there..;)
  4. so are you suggesting Vlad remove the LV Shopping Forum?

    Because if the LV Mods don't move shopping threads to that Forum, then there's no reason for it. It would be silly to have shopping threads in the regular LV Forum when there's a home specifically for them{?}

    Members complain A LOT about people not searching, not the Mods. In almost every thread that is redundant there's a few or more members saying "that is asked all the time, you should search first."

    If we leave a redundant thread open, it WILL get fewer rsponses because people grow tired of answering the same questions over and over again.

    Instead, people who are telling others to do a search could try doing one for them and linking to the original thread, that would be the friendly thing to do IMO.
  5. ITA with Mary. Also, just to add it's a bit confusing when the thread has been in one category/section for several days people follow it and reply then a WEEK later it's moved. People and when I say people, I mean me, get lost in the sea of sections.
  6. Yes, I think so....I know I hardly remember to go there personally, based on the limited resposes there I think I am not alone. And threads that were getting lots of responses before being moved there, just seem to wither up and die.

    I do see that, but I think people should just ignore it if they don't feel like responding....that's what I do. Sometimes, I admit I think asked and answered (days when my patience is wearing thin), so I just ignore the post. But somedays I am feeling helpful and will respond. I think it's godd to remember we were all newbies once and help them along.

    Plus, as I said before sometimes a newbie will have info to add, that we've never heard before, or someone may have discovered something new...ya never know, kwim?

    ITA, and I do see that on the LV board, LVbabydoll is great at that!
  7. I've been thinking the same thing for a while. :yes:
  8. I don't agree on the search portion of the conversation. Because I don't think it's that hard to at least LOOK before posting for the 30th time how we all afford our bags.

    However, I do think that LV Shopping is not really necessary. It confuses people. They don't know where they should put a thread and before you know it, it's moved. I can understand how frustrating that could be. So I say just get rid of it.
  9. I appreciate what the mods do each day to keep the forum organized. I think if they stopped closing and moving threads, things would quickly get out of control and it would be hard to browse... Like elongreach said, the same questions are asking over and over and that gets annoying.
  10. I am not talking about general posts like that, more specialized posts, with specific questions.
  11. I agree, but there has to be a balance, and in the LV board right now, the pendulum has just swung a bit to far.

    As I said in the beginning the mods are great, this is easily the best community I have ever been on and the mods are a huge part of that, just a little constructive imput...that's all.
  12. Well here's my two cents:

    The LV Shopping forum is supposed to be for "shopping related" threads. This means, buying an LV, anything to do with prices of LV's, receipts for LV's, where you saw an LV, If you saw an LV on Elux....etc. If we did not move them there do you realize there would be like 20 threads that said, "blank, blank, on Elux right now!!" So, I believe the LV Shopping section is doing what it's meant to do.

    Also, if we left every thread open that has been posted many times in the past, then the LV forum would look like what it did before Vlad brilliantly made the Sub-forums....a big mess. You'd have to scroll through pages of the same threads and that's just not organized.

    So, I think that people should try using all of the sub forums in LV because they are there to make information easier to find....I think if people are having trouble looking for information or finding it, they should just try to read the captions below each sub-forum that tell you exactly what you will find in that sub-forum, kwim?

    Just my opinion.
  13. I think Erica was just giving a quick example. . . there's dozens others I can think of.

    Since Vlad and Megs have decided that this is the best way to keep their website organized, we just assist them in that.
    Has been working perfectly IMO.
    I remember the days when LV members were BEGGING for more LV Forums because their one forum was moving SOO fast no one could keep up and it was all over the place subject-wise.
  14. I know I am not in LV much, if ever, but I can say that the Shopping Subforum format has worked incredibly well in Hermes, and Chloe. It really does help to streamline and organize the threads.
  15. People need to read the description of each section and post accordingly - if more people did that, there would be less moving of threads

    I personally like the way the LV forum is arranged

    LV is truly a huge monster and very difficult to mod - it is nice to have sections for topics to be housed, makes my job easier