Rampant CL love continues

  1. I had to go to Saks yesterday to see about getting my new Metallica's stretched a bit and I tried on the black/red Arkiteks. They are divine :heart:. They were comfortable for such a high heel. The platform is the key for me. I never would have dreamed I would be getting and wearing such high heels.

    While I was waiting for the SA to bring out the Arkiteks, I looked at the sales rack and found a pair of the patent "kinda tiger stripe" 70mm pigalles. I had seen them online in the higher heels, but they had not really grabbed me. These were pretty comfortable and would be great with jeans and to run errands, etc. The SA said they had just gone on sale yesterday, but they did not have my size, though there were supposed to be 3 in the company. I wanted to have him hold a pair for the ecg on Saturday, but he said that was not possible w/o a Saks card.:wtf:

    Anyway, I could not get the shoes out of my head and I have held items before for an ecg without having a Saks card. Soooo, I did some research and after 5 attempts to get through to someone at Saks in NY I reached an SA and he is holding the shoes for me for the ecg. I have not decided if I will get something else (probably not), but I will get my pigalles. I definitely have the CL fever thanks to you ladies:girlsigh:.
  2. I can't wait to see your photos. Isn't it fun building a CL collection! I certainly can't stop and I really don't want to either!
    Please post pics once you have received your lovely additions.

    Did you end up getting the Architeks?
  3. Congrats! It is definitely addicting. It's like crack or something. lol

    My family tells me I have problems. LOL
  4. ^ I have no idea what crack costs but it feels like it would actually be cheaper with a crack addiction? :nogood:
  5. lol mine seems to think the same thing!!!
    It seems like once a week I hear my mother yelling..."Another Shoe Box Is Here....& Its BROWN!" lol I come running down the stairs like a little kid on Christmas! lol

  6. I can't wait for my black/red Architeks! Aren't they lovely? :drool:
  7. My two loves in life: scotch and Louboutins. 2nd and 3rd only to the most perfect partner in the world: my boyfriend.
  8. I thought I was the only one who felt like a crack addict. I seriously considered myself to be close to losing it. Oh, wait, I already have.
  9. At least we have something to show for it. :p

  10. Nope, I feel like a crack addict too. :nuts:
  11. My closet and feet sure do, but my bank account doesn't. That's why I haven't picked up anything in the sales and why I returned the navy rolandos.