Rampant b-bag auction stealing on ebay

  1. If any of you are selling a bbag on ebay, be warned. I have been looking and people are stealing auctions...the photos, word-for-word, everything single thing is being copied and pics of authentic bbags are listed in auctions for very cheap prices. There are tons of bbag auctions on ebay right now with stolen pics, words, graphics, etc.

    I know most of you are smart enough to not bid on such an auction, but if you are selling....look out.
  2. It started happening last week. I posted about it then too.
    The most annoying part for the sellers is that this group/person doesn't care if photo's are watermarked or not and are posting those too.
    The best thing for all sellers to do is keep an eye out for a copy and notify ebay immediately, as I've noticed in ended listings that a lot of people are BIN these fake auctions.

    It's really awful, and eBay has been able to pull a lot of them but I think the seller is making it difficult for them by using many MANY different id's.
    I'm really surprised that eBay doesn't have sophisticated enough technology to block IP addresses, that way they could eliminate this person from eBay and all of their id's in one shot rather than spend hours sorting through each and every one.
    It would save them a lot of time, and buyers their money.
  3. I have reported so many and some get taken off. It is amazing to me that eBay does not do something MORE about this problem.
  4. Excellent point Winona! Ebay has gotten WAY out of hand IMO- it is just scary lately!
  5. This is happening with all sorts of bags - LV, Balenciaga, Chanel, etc. When I search, I'm flooded with pages of fakes starting at $1.00 :blink:
  6. I'm also have reported so many fake-auctions and I always write to the original-sellers . . . it's sooooo bad that Ebay is not able to shut these frauds:cry:
  7. This is true and it makes me so angry. I just alerted a seller yesterday that someone in China had stolen her Seafoam Twiggy auction, photos and text word for word. The bogus auction disappeared later in the day and it's sickening but I doubt it will stop anytime soon. Anyway, this is my first post, Hello everyone :biggrin: I love this place!

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  10. Hi, Thank you very much! I don't even have my first bbag yet but I have a feeling this forum is going to be very dangerous to my wallet :biggrin:

  11. :lol: christi, that's exactly how I started when I first came into this forum! Consider your wallet warned :roflmfao:

    WELCOME to the madness! :yes:
  12. seriously! this is ridiculous!!!

    time for a new alternative people!
  13. >>christi, that's exactly how I started when I first came into this forum! Consider your wallet warned :roflmfao:

    Haha! Warned, heck, it's downright cowering in a corner :rolleyes:

  14. Thanks LoriB. do they still the ones with watermarks too? that is just not right!