Ramonas On Sale?

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  1. Hi Girls. I'm new to this part of tPF. I was wondering if anyone knew where I can get a Ramona on sale. I called a SA at Nordstroms and she said all of the Ramonas were pre-sold already. Has anyone heard anything different. Thanks so much for the help!
  2. My advice would be to go in and get chummy with a SA @ the Nordies in Horton Plaza(??) or another one close to you. I believe you can accomplish more with someone after you have a face to put with the customer and then she/he might spend some time when it is slow, tracking down a Ramona for you. Otherwise I would call my favorite SA in Chicago (Casey-312-255-1170) and tell her what you would like to buy because with the Fall bags coming out soon, they will be offering sales on their Spring/Summer line and she can call you when they go on sale and she can ship the bag to you.
  3. I saw two at NM, not Nordies in Mpls on sale last week, don't know if they are still there but you can give them a call. One was burgundy another was olive.
  4. ^ I got the Bordeaux one at NM :yahoo:Gotta go pick it up today - it'll be my first Choo!
  5. YEAH:yahoo:
    Congrats MNShopgirl:wlae: You will have to be sure to bring her to the Summer tPf gathering. Be careful, once you buy one, you will be HOOKED:sos:
    It will become an addiction, take it from a Jimmy :choochoo: addict:sad:
  6. Don't give up, sometimes the pre-sales go back on the table, as customers change their mind, so it is a great idea to get friendly with a SA and let them know what you are looking for. One of my SA's will do a walk through the store with me and let me show her the bags I like in case they hit the sale, then she will hold them for me. I treat her good, always deal with her, and she treats me good, not to mention I am a bagaholic!!
  7. Update--go to the Deals and Steals column, look at the thread New Arrivals at NM, there is a Ramona listed on sale. Just saw it a couple of minutes ago.
  8. :smile:
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