Ramona vs. Ring bag

  1. This may be like comparing apples and oranges, but size-wise, for all of you who have both bags....which would you say is bigger? Feels bigger? I'm wondering if the Ring bag might be a bit less "bulky" than the Ramona.

    I saw a photo of the black Ring bag on Saks today and it is rapidly becoming a new favorite! :heart:

    I feel a bit like Robyn, I just can't fall totally in love with the Ramona, but I don't want to give up the bag because I do like having something larger than my Rikis on occasion. Maybe the Ring bag is it?? :hrmm:
  2. Grab one Stinkerbelle :tup:

    I love :heart::heart:my Ring bag and it is a great size for everything. I do find it is less bulky and I am sure part of it is the distresses leather. It just feels so much lighter and it is easier to wear. I say you need to have one ASAP:woot:
  3. I saw the ring recently IRL and it is a great size. This bag is much prettier than I thought. I would go for it over the Ramona. I think it is closer in size to the Riki width wise, but seems deeper and maybe just a little more casual. I saw it in the tan color and was very tempted...
  4. Stinkerbelle, I think the shape of the Ring is more flattering. Less bulky and more long than wide. The Ramona is definitely larger. I still tend to wear my Ramona more though. I had some comparison pictures at one point. I will see if I can find them.
  5. Oh man, Stinkerbelle, are you getting the black Ring? The biker leather w/snakey?:okay:
  6. Here are some comparison pics...



    choo 3.jpg Ramona size.jpg ring size.jpg
  7. I think I am! And well, we all know what happens once Samantha posts photos of her wearing her bags....resistance is indeed futile! :borg1:

    I really like the comparison Jmcadon gave of the bag to the Riki....the Ramona seems to overpower me a bit, I'm 5' 5", not the statuesque 6' that Miss Samantha is!

    I know a lot of Choo girls love the Ramona and are even shorter than I am, and the bag looks great on them, but for as often as I carry the Riki, it's just such a big change to go to the Ramona.

    So a sneaky snake :sneaky: black Ring bag is now a "must-have"! I just have to weigh the odds of it going on sale vs. selling out. I would hate to pay full retail only to see it on sale 50% off in a few months. But it's already sold out on JC online, and even if it did go on sale on Saks it could very well sell out before I got one. Hmmm....what to do what to do. :choochoo:
  8. [​IMG]

    SEE WHAT I MEAN???? :push: Now who in their right mind could resist that bag! :drool:
  9. Get it Stinkerbelle. You won't regret it!
  10. Stinkerbelle


    After seeing the photos of Samantha wearing her Ring, it was a MUST have:nuts:
    (but this was not the photo I was referring to;))

    There was one on Bluefly last week, but I am sure if you want to hold out for a bit, it will be on sale soon:wlae:
  11. Robyn, I think you are probably right....between Neiman's, BG, Saks, etc. I'm sure I can find one at even 30% off at some point.

    Personally I would buy a Riki in every color ever made, but that seems a tad foolish. So since I have 2 Rikis and for as much as I love the sneaky snake, the Ring bag is perfect. And if it comes up on sale in the next month or so? Even better! :tup:
  12. omg!

    Samantha could model a paper sack and make it look HOT!
    That red ring is TDF!!!
    Gorgeous bag!
  13. Well, have you seen my wishlist? I too would like a black biker sneaky-snake Ring. Oh, and the matching Jola flats, too. And, and, and...:nuts:

    Yep, once you start posting the pictures I don't have a chance. :sos:

    But I think I'll wait until the sale, wish me luck!
  14. Darn! jburgh, I just checked, and the 39.5 is gone. I am pretty sure the 39 will be too small. Great price for a cute shoe!