Ramona vs. Riki

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  1. I'm planning to get a Jimmy Choo purse this February. However, I'm still debating whether I should get a Ramona or a Riki instead?
  2. I went through the same debate when I purchased my Ramona in September. The Ramona is the largest bag I own, and I didn't think that I would love it or get as much use out of it (I'm 5'3"). However, I took a look at both bags, side by side, and tried putting some things in there, and surprisingly, the Ramona worked better for me. The Riki looks deceptively large, but not as big as you would think. I use my Ramona as a work bag, so I need space for an umbrella, agenda, book, cell phone, blackberry, keys, and occassionally shoes or lunch.
  3. I like Riki more.. its a matter of personal preference... why dont u check the boutique and try the sizes urself.. and it depends if u wanna use it for work as SuLi or just daily casual use.
  4. I agree with pinkish-love, Riki! Depends on your body type/size though. I do recommend to try them both on first.
  5. I prefer the proportions of the Ramona.
  6. I am very petite so I prefer Riki as well. Agree with Marly & Pinkish-love about trying them first before deciding. =)