Ramona Size Question

  1. My khaki Ramona came today-- it's very pretty but seems very large. I have a Radiant and the Ramona looks at least a few inches longer, which I wasn't expecting. I've only seen the Ramona IRL a couple of times and I don't remember it being so large.

    Are there different sizes?
  2. Are you sure it was a Ramona what you saw? It could have been a Riki. I had the Radiant 2 and I think that she was actually bigger then my Ramona. ackward.

    Congrats!!! Cant wait for pics!!!
  3. The stats on the one I got are: 11"H x 17"W x 10"L-- I guess this is the large? I'm not sure I can get used to such a big bag. Maybe I should get the Riki?
  4. L16 x H11 x W6

    This are the dimension for my ramona... yours looks like is smaller ... not a lot
  5. The Ramona is a large bag, I think. I prefer the Riki which to me is still kinda big. I remember the first time I saw Ramona IRL and I was so surprised at the size after just seeing pics!

  6. The Ramona dimensions are:
    17 X 10 X 6.5

    The XL Ramona's dimensions are:
    19.5" x 12" x 6"

    The Riki's dimensions are:

    L14 1/4 x H5 x W9 1/2"
  7. Ive had the Ramona for about 3 weeks or more you dont remeber the whole deal with customs with the watersnake ramona. im not selling my purple mahala (hell NO) why?

    oh I see !!! you want the whole story? Ill PM u
  8. I love my watersnake Ramona! I'm thinking about getting one in Black... hmmm.:drool: