Ramona on Sale

  1. So I am really looking to buy a ramona in any color other than black. Since Saks and Neimans are all having sales I thought someone may come acroos one on sale. Please let me know if you see one. I tried bergdorf and Saks in nyc and neither had one one on sale.
  2. nycdiva - My advice would be to call a Choo boutique and ask if you can get one on a pre-sale. I would be surprised if they were not going to put one on sale. Their sales start soon! p.s. - I love my slick red Ramona!
  3. The boutique will be having the Ramonas on sale early Dec, call them and tell them to put you on the list. They told me the blacks and reds might be on that list, the rest they do not know.
  4. HI, I'm in south Bay area and i'm DYING for a black w/watersnake trim Ramona or Riki ! Can anyone let me know if they see one on sale? thanks
  5. I am going to the pre-sale on Thursday night, I will let you know what kind of bags they have on sale!