Jimmy Choo Ramona Jimmy Choo


Jan 25, 2006
Hello everyone,
I'm going to buy the Ramona bag but I don't know which coulor to take: black or navy???
Could you help me to decide...






Oh migod...I love this bag. I took too long thinking about buying this bag, it sold out at Saks (haven't seen it anywhere else). I see your dilemma, they're both beautiful colors for this bag......blue seems more on the trendy side and black is classic. I think the blue is more edgy and it's a unique handbag color. I've seen the blue on so many celebrities, that I didn't even know that black was optional. Go for the blue!
i say navy, it's beautiful and very useful to wear with everything except black. plus it's what makes this bag unique - not too many bags come in navy.
It depends on what you have already? If you have a ton of black bags i'd say get the Navy, but if you need a really cute black bag, that would be such a great everyday bag!
angel1357 said:
Thank you very much for your help, I'm going to buy the navy one, because I already have some classic black bags, I really love this bag, can't wait to have it!:smile:

great choice:biggrin: . I would go with tha navy too:love: . the navy is dark enough to wear with black like Jessica Alba does in the current issu of life and style.
angel, I'm glad you like it (that's my pic of the navy ramona and gerard darel charlotte bag), but the navy is really close to black. Almost indistinguishable. So if that bothers you at all (that it's almost, but not quite a match), then I would go for the black. Personally, I had hoped the color would be more like the Chloe paddy bleu nuit. In some pics of Lilo, it looks that way. But it is definitely very, very dark.
KristyDarling said:

Please, may I ask where you are going to buy this beauty? I've looked everywhere and it's always sold out!!

Kristy, call 305-443-6124 (Jimmy Choo Coral Cables). They had some navy ones left a few days ago. HTH!