Ramona in action please?

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  1. Hello Lovelies!

    I need a visual.. Anybody with any Ramona (preferably Red or Black). Pics of your Ramona in action = you carrying it. I need to get a better feel how big it will on me. Please?? Very similar how Samanatha did it for her Red Maddy and Silver Mahala. It was very hepful!

  2. i will check it out..... i think ( although i am a complete newbie to jimmy choo, so hopefully someone else with knowledge will chime in) :shame:there is an XL size as well....maybe hers is one?:shrugs:

    ok, looked....does not say it is the XL size, but does look bigger than the others ramonas.:yes: maybe it is an XL, or it looks bigger in red? :shrugs:she is not teeny tiny so it is not that.....hmmmmmm.
  3. Here are a couple of me wearing my Black Patent Ramona, but it may be hard to get a good idea of what it really looks like on, since I took it in my newly redone bathroom:nogood:
    wearblackpatent.JPG bpramona.JPG
  4. ^^stunning robyn :love:and LOVE the bathroom!:girlsigh:
  5. Purrfect! Thanks Robyn! :biggrin: So it's not enormously big, that's great! How are the handles, they are not adjustable, are they? Only the belts are..

    I like your sink! :graucho:
  6. Oh yeah, I thought I saw an XL somwhere out there.. And I noticed the belts are wider too than the current Ramonas. Do we know if there's anything still in the market?
  7. I'm pretty sure the J.Lo one is a Ramona XL.
    Abi, you are busy girl! Before long, you'll have every choo there is! :biggrin: :choochoo:
  8. Here's a photo of Bonniec wearing her burgundy biker Ramona. Don't quote me on this, but I seem to recall she once said she was 5' 3"? Maybe 5' 1"? I'm pretty sure she's under 5' 5". But watch, she'll see this and it will turn out she's 5' 11"! :upsidedown:

    Anyway, it's a another great photo in addition to Robyn's to give you an idea of size! I also have a Ramona in black calf (sorry, no photos as I am the most technically challenged girl in all the land!), and it's not an overly HUGE bag, but it's not all that small either. It's a good sized bag is the best way to put it! :tup:
  9. lol. Oh bella, such a doll. ;) that's a happy thought too.. every choo.. ahhh...:rolleyes:
    And see, I'm learning from the bestS! :graucho:
  10. There you go.. that's what I needed to hear "just the right size".. lol! yeah, thanks for the height info. But really it matters you know. I'm around 5'7 so I think it wont overwhelem me. And I. am. loving. this. red. color. going on.. the red and burgundy. :drool: wow, im falling hard for this bag. Is this in biker leather?
  11. OK, I did a search and Bonniec did in fact state that she is 5' 2" tall! So there you have it! For as great as the bag looks on Bonnie, and I'm 5' 5" and it's not overwhelming on me either....you don't have a thing to worry about at 5' 7"! :tup:

    I too loooove the burgundy biker leather, I have it in both the Ring and the Riki (a smaller version of the Ramona).

    There are still 2 burgundy biker Ramonas left on JC.com (the bag Bonnie has in the photo above), maybe they'll be in the next sale? :smile:
  12. lol, you did research Bonnie's height. That's too cute. lol! Okay, there's my peace of mind that it will look okay on (or with) me.

    Do sales go on JC.com actually? I havent seen sale prices advertised there. Or I did not look hard enough maybe..? I havent ordered one from the website, over the phone from a local boutique yes..
    Do you have contacts from other stores who might have? pppplllleeeeaasse?:shame:
    From where I am now, I will need to fly out to physically buy a JC bag. Sad thing right? :sad: