Ramona biker leather

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  1. I have been thinking about purchasing this bag for ages and now I have been looking at the JC site and I am more confused than ever so I thought I would ask if any of you ladies know what the differnace is.
    On the Jimmy Choo site there are two diffrent Ramona in black biker leather with watersnake trim. This is doing my head in. One has the mesaurement:L41 x H29 x W15cm and the other that is named the exact same thing has the measurements:L41 x H 16 x W30cm
    I do get that the only real differnace is the measurement but I want to make sure I get the bag I want. I dont want the bag to be too big but they seem almost the same except I guess one must be taller and the other wider:s
  2. MissEvil - I'd say the correct measurement for the Ramona is: L41 x H29 x W15cm. It is weird how they specify it, and it may be a cultural based one, but the Ramona is 41cm wide (east to west), 29cm tall, and 15cm deep (or thick). As for the discrepancy in measurement, that kind of goof up happens all the time on the JC website. If you feel more comfortable, type in Ramona in their search window. Then click on the tan biker picture. Next, click on the black selection to select it.

    It is a great bag! I have the tan and the forest green. I saw the black biker at the Choo Chicago store last week. I hope they keep the biker around for a long time.
  3. :tup::tup:Yes, two thumbs up for the Biker Ramona! I love love love mine.
  6. Oh my gosh Jburgh :upsidedown:- we're blown awwwaayyy but your extensive connection to knowledge! Hats Off! :welcome:
  7. Thanks for the information:smile:
    I dont think I have ever spent this much time on deciding whether to get a bag or not. I really do love the biker leather and it would be a great "causal" bag for daily use but I am worried about size. It looks so great on the ladies on the forum that has the ramona. I looked in the pic topic but I also once saw a Ramona on a shelf and it was huge. It might have been something else though and it was stiff leather so it defiently wasnt the biker leather.
    What also makes decision hard is that there is a bag I want from Chloe and I am used to Chloe bags however that is a new bag and wont sell out soon and this one been around for ages. Maybe I'll get both and put myself on a ban:lol:
    While looking at the JC site I noticed the riki in suede and that is gorgeus and a friend of mine immdiatly tried to enable me with "get both and send the one you like least back":nogood::lol:
    Anyways still deciding on what to do. I really appriciate the help in knowing which one was a ramona in size.
  8. I find that a Ramona works much better for me than the smaller Riki. I don't carry a lot, but the Ramona has longer straps. I had a Riki and as much as i loved the coarse suede, I returned it. If you are small or petite, you should look at the Riki, too. You will find Choo bags are not nearly as heavy as Chloe and your shoulder will thank you. If you live near a department store that carries Choo, you can try them on for size regardless of the material.
  9. The suede Riki is one of my favorite new bags! :girlsigh: Not very Spring/Summer to me, but perfect for Fall! Although there is that issue of taking care of the suede, but it is a really beautiful bag! As is the biker Ramona! :tup:

    I prefer the Riki in size, but the Ramona is hardly obnoxious size-wise so I really think you would be happy with it, especially in the biker leather! :heart:
  10. JBurgh - you are like a super glam encyclopaedia of all things handbag! How do you do it? x
  11. I have two Chloe paddingtons and I must say that my biker Ring is MUCH lighter than any of them!
  12. I have the Ramona and think it's a great, practical size. I have the black biker and am dying for another biker leather Ramona!!