Ramifications of sharing PCE?

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  1. The PCE emails have been saying that the offer is "exclusively for you". So has anyone who's given them away had any problems? Such as no longer receiving PCEs? Any comments from SAs on subsequent purchases?
  2. Have also wondered about it. I know it says it, but people seem to still get them after giving them away. Who knows when-- or if-- Coach will start cracking down?
  3. Someone posted this in the other PCE thread.


  4. That is really good to know....people should be made aware of this.

    Maybe they didn't catch up with the other people.
    I think all the "duplicates" are linked somehow now. Maybe they weren't in the past.
  5. For the past two PCE events, including the current one Oct 5-9, I have placed two orders through my nearby FP store via phone. I did not need to physically present a certificate in person and was informed that specific PCE codes issued to me are now linked to my account which they can access on their in-store system.

    My preference now is to order items through FP store and have them delivered there for quality inspection prior to my taking possession. A little inconvenient as I need to drive 35 miles for pick up but the added quality control factor is worth it.
  6. That seems very odd to me and not quite believable. Why would Coach do that? It makes no sense from a marketing perspective. Not to mention retaining a current customer.
  7. That is so stupid. The code is given, the code was used. Big deal.
  8. Coach stopped making sense eons ago.
  9. This makes me scared to give mine away, I did last time and got one for this Oct5-9 one and found 2 ebay steals I had to have so really shouldn't buy anything else, but don't want a PCE to go to waste. Maybe I'll find something small I've been wanting...
  10. Totally agree with you. Coach is mean to ban us like this. It is going to be difficult to see this wonderful discount go to waste. Luckily I already bought the mini Willis with the current PCE, and I already decided on getting the Penny on the Oct. 26th PCE, too. But the PCEs after that... It is going to be hard to decide on what to get. Sigh.
  11. So there will be another PCE the 26th of October?
  12. this is 'friend of a frien' story so we need some of our coach employee friends to tell us if this is true. not to doubt the op but she is getting the info second hand.
  13. What difference goes it make who uses them? Money is money!!!!

    Coach is isolating ALOT of customers who DON'T receive discounts: ME:sad: !!! Only through the long-saught-after fb coupon!
  14. What if a person's PCE gets lost/stolen in the mail and used by someone else?

    There are just so many variables that can happen that could cause for a PCE to be used by someone other than the intended customer. I'm not Einstein, so if I could think of this, I am sure Coach would consider this as well.

    I'm seriously doubting that Coach would be this petty or small-thinking.
  15. Check the ''Next PCE'' thread, someone said the next pce is Oct 26.