Ramen with egg?

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  1. How do you do the egg? Do you beat the egg first, then add to the ramen? And then what? Help!
  2. I do the ramen first, cover it to let the steam build up and then put the egg in :smile: Depending on the vegetable, you might want to put it in before the egg but after the ramen :biggrin:
  3. When the soup is done, I take the pot off the burner, crack the egg into the soup and stir like mad.
  4. i do this too. i rarely put veggies in, though
  5. So you crack the egg directly into the pot? I usually beat it lightly with a fork then throw it in.
  6. ^^^^^Yes, but start beating immediately, otherwise you'll end up boiling your egg.

  7. Yes that the way I do it too..

    I love eating dry ramen out from the package..:shame:
  8. I crack the egg straight into the pot. I don't mix it too much either, because I like the egg in big pieces.
  9. this is exactly how i do it as well :smile:
  10. i love ramen, they are one of my favorite noodles. i do the eggs the same way as ladystara.
  11. I crack eggs, onions,cilantro,other vegggies dependign on whatever u like, with some asian beef balls,or shrmip in. lol man talk about fancy ramen!!!!!
  12. This **** is too advanced for me haha. Love ramen with egg though. I'm hungry.
  13. are we talking about those 10 cent packs of dried noodles?
  14. ^ yep
  15. I usually just throw it in while the noodles are boiling, excellent eatings !